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Chapter 1546 : Fighting Against the Cruel Law of Nature

When Nie Jingshen was present, Bai Tao’s future of inheriting the Jade Capital Crag wasn’t affected at all, not to mention the present where Nie Jingshen was away.

However, Bai Tao’s actions exceeded everyone’s expectations. He ventured away alone and rooted himself by the Western Continent.

As for the reason, only he knew.

The public only saw Bai Tao conversing for a short while with his master – Yue Zhenbei, for a short while. Then, he bid his master farewell and left the Jade Capital Crag alone.

No one else knew of what they discussed, and it became one of the mysteries after the Sky beyond Skies’ establishment.

The internal section of the Broad Creed Mountain was also discussing this.

More people speculated that Bai Tao must’ve done some wrongdoings, voiding his chance of inheriting the Jade Capital Crag. Only, as the saying goes, don’t wash your dirty clothes in public. The internal affairs of the Jade Capital Crag shouldn’t be spread to the public.

This was the speculation of the majority in the Sky beyond Skies.

Other than that, some a.s.sumed that Nie Jingshen’s momentunal rise wounded Bai Tao’s pride.

Even if Nie Jingshen wasn’t present anymore, Bai Tao still viewed himself inferior to Nie Jingshen.

Or rather, on the contrary, Bai Tao hoped to break out of the shadow left behind by Nie Jingshen and decided to part with the thoughts he once had, changing his life around with a brand-new goal and the foundations of his sword art.

While the Broad Creed Mountain and the Jade Capital Crag were extremely close, surpa.s.sing even that of the Golden Court Mountain, they had no clue as to what happened as well. Hence, they could only speculate privately and discuss it with others.

Of course, this didn’t affect how the Broad Creed treated Bai Tao.

Now that the two met each other, Xu Fei and Bai Tao greeted each other.

Behind Bai Tao were his current sect disciples and the leader of other forces in the Sky beyond Skies’ Western Continent. They went up and greeted the Broad Creed’s current sect leader – Xu Fei as well.

After greeting each other, the two parties entered the main hall together.

Many people were already present within the hall. Under the service and welcoming of the Golden Court Mountain disciples, the ceremony finally started.

As Bai Tao glanced around, he saw w.a.n.g Pu of the Jade Capital Crag, who represented the Sword Sovereign – Yue Zhenbei by coming here.

After the two met each other, an inevitable catch-up happened.

“You’re about to attain breakthrough,” said Bai Tao as he looked at w.a.n.g Pu.

“Still lacking a little. At least, going from the Martial Saint Ninth Level to the Tenth Level isn’t as risky as going from the Human Immortal Realm to the True Immortal Realm since no Immortal Mortal Tribulation is awaiting me.” w.a.n.g Pu lightly shook his head. He glanced at Bai Tao, hesitating to say something.

Bai Tao could tell what he intended to say. He calmly replied, “I still can’t. I don’t even have half the confidence.”

“You’re still young. It’s fine,” said w.a.n.g Pu.

Bai Tao smiled, “If I can’t get through this hurdle, a hundred or a thousand years is no different to me.”

Judging from the lifespan of a Martial Saint Peak Realm expert, Bai Tao was naturally still considered young.

Among the World beyond Worlds’ Exalt of Ten Territories, other than Chen Qianhua, the Northwestern Exalt – Lian Zulin and him were the youngest.

However, the number of Exalt Martial Saints who couldn’t push open the Immortal Door even till the end of their life or perished under the Immortal Mortal Tribulation amounted to no small number.

Back in the World beyond Worlds, other than the Earth Exalt – w.a.n.g Zhengcheng, other Exalt of Ten Territories’ position was being changed frequently.

The number of Exalts who perished through battle was less than those who died of old age.

w.a.n.g Pu nodded lightly and said nothing else.

The lifespan of an Exalt Martial Saint was far shorter compared to a True Immortal. Meanwhile, martial art pract.i.tioners in the Martial Saint Ninth Level had lifespans shorter than Human Exalts.

Many others were stuck at that hurdle.

Feng Moyang felt a surge of emotion in his heart upon hearing their conversation.

The higher you walk in the road of martial arts, the harder it becomes to proceed.

Those who could bear to walk through the roads of thorns were an extreme minority.

Among the older generations within the Broad Creed Mountain, only a few still had the motivation to continue pus.h.i.+ng further.

Yuan Zhengfeng and Fang Zhun successfully ascended to the Human Exalt Realm. However, whether they could challenge the Immortal Mortal Tribulation was still an uncertain factor.

Meanwhile, the other elderly expert – Fu Enshu, who was Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing’s master, had stepped up to the Immortal Bridge. Only, her progression speed had become slower and slower in the past few years.

Being surpa.s.sed by her two disciples wasn’t the issue here. After all, she always firmly believed that her disciples should always surpa.s.s their masters.

The main problem here was the lack of energy to continue going.

When comparing Fu Enshu’s age to the lifespan she had with her corresponding cultivation, she was still considered relatively young, and her hopes of improvement still prevail. However, her potentials would be depleted as her cultivation speed got slower and slower and as she aged.

Feng Yunsheng and Sikong Qing had already surpa.s.sed her, yet she had no confidence to surpa.s.s her own master – Yuan Zhengfeng.

Within the Broad Creed Mountain lineage, Fu Enshu was among one of the most hardworking individuals.

Only, reaching the height Yuan Zhengfeng achieved posed extreme difficulties.

The situation was similar to how Bai Tao and w.a.n.g Pu barely had any hopes of chasing after their master – Yue Zhenbei.

Perhaps, for Feng Moyang, he would have to face this dreaded sense of helplessness in the future as well.

Unfortunately, the path of seeking after dao was inhumane and cruel.

To put it in a different perspective, Yan Zhaoge and the others, including Daoism’s top-notch experts that included Feng Moyang and many others, tried to change the world with their efforts. They were also trying to fight against this cruel law of nature, hoping to establish a broader and safer path ahead for other martial art cultivators.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Feng Moyang smiled.

“Daoist Bai, Daoist w.a.n.g and I shall meet Sect Leader Cao together,” said Xu Fei as he turned his head.

Feng Moyang and other Broad Creed cultivators nodded in agreement and watched the three leave.

After they entered Xu Fei’s private room, they saw others sitting together with Cao Jie.

One of the teenagers sitting there was Yan Zhaoge.

“Senior apprentice-brother Xu, you’re kind of late.” Yan Zhaoge smiled as he saw them enter.

Xu Fei shook his head with a laugh, “I was busy settling some affairs within the sect, hence my late arrival.”

He cupped his hands toward Cao Jie, “Hopefully, senior will forgive my impertinence.”

“It’s fine. It’s still early anyway.” Naturally, Cao Jie didn’t mind.

Xu Fei was aware that Yan Zhaoge came here for two reasons. One was to congratulate Cao Jie, while the other was to discuss some matters.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge wouldn’t appear in the ceremony later to prevent grabbing the attention away from the host. As such, they only met in private.

Those seated together with Yan Zhaoge included the Brocade Emperor – Fu Yunchi, Liu Zhenggu, who pushed open the Immortal Door earlier than Cao Jie, and the Roving Jade Heavens’ Gao Xuebo.

Bai Tao and w.a.n.g Pu knew of their arrival beforehand and greeted Yan Zhaoge and the others with a normal expression.

After everyone sat down, they continued their previous conversation. Yan Zhaoge looked to Cao Jie, “Senior, I’m aware that your lineage originates from the Grand Clear lineage. However, does the Golden Court Mountain have no clue related to the Lord of the Daoist Way Grand Master?”

Everyone knew that the Golden Court Mountain was of the Grand Clear lineage. Their sect being of the same name as the Jade Clear bigwig – the Lord of Daoist Way’s cave manor, known as the Golden Court Mountain’s Jade Dwelling Cave was just a pure coincidence.

However, Yan Zhaoge still had to make a confirmation. He won’t let go of any possibility.

After all, during the ancient Invest.i.tures of the G.o.ds era, one of the Immortal Extermination Four Swords – the Immortal Ending Sword was acquired by the Lord of Daoist Ways after the Immortal Extermination Formation’s destruction.

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