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Xia Linyu laughed icily as he slowly stood up in front of the bonfire. His delicate features no longer displayed his previously shy and youthful expression, it has now been replaced by a twinge of frost.

"Just because you've never encountered a herd of spiritual beasts doesn't mean that they don't exist," he said as he looked Uncle Ying. His limpid eyes filled with disdain as he continued, "If you have the time to accuse and suspect others, why not use it to think of ways to retaliate against these spiritual beasts instead?"

He knows that Gu Ruoyun has never been bothered by the whispers of others but that does not mean that he could ignore it.

He could endure any form of doubts but he could never tolerate others provoking Gu Ruoyun over and over again!

"You..." Uncle Ying's face was ashen as he spoke. He clenched his fist until a gurgling sound could be heard.

Just as he was about to make his accusations again, Ye Ying's voice chimed in, "I believe that he's right. Our time shouldn't be spent by pus.h.i.+ng the blame onto others. Instead, we should all think of ways to get ourselves out of this situation."

When he heard this, Uncle Ying swallowed the words in his mouth and glared furiously at Gu Ruoyun and her brother before he turned away.

He would never let anyone harm the World Destruction Mercenaries!

If the Leader refuses to listen to me, I'll use other means to prove that I'm right.


The herd of spiritual beasts roared loudly as they charged towards them. The spiritual beasts soon pounced fiercely towards the group.

"They are Martial Honor spiritual beasts. Heavens, these spiritual beasts are all Martial Honors!"

"Furthermore, there are also a few of them with unknown yet powerful auras. Unless my guess is wrong, those have already reached the rank of Martial Supremes!"

At this moment, the mercenaries could finally sense the spiritual beasts' unmasked auras. Their faces drained of color as they stared fearfully at the spiritual beasts charging towards them!

Ye Ying's handsome features became even more severe. After a long pause, he took a deep breath and spoke with determination, "Everyone, listen to my order. I want all of you to draw your weapons and prepare for battle!"

"Yes, Leader!"

The World Destruction Mercenaries immediately drew their weapons, prepared to fight the spiritual beasts to the death.

However, a calm voice chimed in at this moment and resounded very clearly in every ear under the night sky's chaotic noise.

"If all of you don't wish to die, don't retaliate!"


Uncle Ying scoffed coldly and sent Gu Ruoyun an icy glare, "Has your fox's tail finally showed itself? Are you asking us not to retaliate? Isn't that just waiting for us to send ourselves to our deaths? Do you really think that we're that stupid?"

His laughter was full of disdain and his eyes were filled with contempt.

Ye Ying glanced at Gu Ruoyun and muttered to himself for a while. He then asked, "Are you certain that if we don't fight, we'll survive this?"

There were too many of these spiritual beasts. In addition, all of them were very powerful. Even if all the mercenaries were to rush towards them, their chances of survival were slim.

"If you trust me, then do as I say," said Gu Ruoyun. She did not say much else as she raised her clear and cold eyes and fixed them upon Ye Ying.

As he watched the spiritual beasts draw closer and closer, Ye Ying fell silent once again. Finally, he lifted his handsome face, waved his hands and ordered, "Put your weapons away. We will not fight."


"That's an order!"

Ye Ying's expression sank as he barked the order out in a sharp voice.

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