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Chapter 982: Chef Li Regrets

“I didn’t realize that you were actually a good system before. You could be considered to be a good example among all your peers. How considerate you are!” Yuan Zhou said.

The unexpected compliment even made the system a little speechless. Only after quite a while did the system answer.

The system displayed, “This system only acts in conformity with strict principles and rules.”

Then, the system just kept silent no matter how Yuan Zhou tried to talk to it.

“Does the system feel embarra.s.sed?” Yuan Zhou pondered blindly.

Leaving aside the matter of the system, what motivated Yuan Zhou the most was the reward of the mission, which gave him a sense of familiarity.

Zhama Banquet was said to be the peak of Yuan Dynasty Banquets and could be listed as one of the ten greatest banquets in China. And more importantly, this banquet had already been lost in history, as mentioned previously.

“So, this simple mission will provide such a great reward?” Yuan Zhou said in surprise.

The Roasted Suckling Pig and Roast Whole Lamb were both known to Yuan Zhou. Leaving aside the special cooking method of Zhama Banquet, just the ordinary Roast Whole Cow was quite complicated. First and foremost, the cow was too big. The meat was thick and the weight was high.

Anyway, the Roast Whole Cow that Yuan Zhou had seen last time was processed from a crane and a very big furnace. It really was a spectacle.

And there were no such things like cranes during ancient times. If everything was done with manpower, what would the Roast Whole Cow of Zhama Banquet look like?

Yuan Zhou had started to think of the reward of the mission after he won. That’s right. He became prideful. He had never thought he would be defeated. Instead, he was praying for drawing the Roast Whole Cow.

“I must guarantee the stability of this reward.” Yuan Zhou muttered.

After that, he took out his phone and straightforwardly made a call to Zhong Lili. Among the people he knew, only Zhong Lili had the capabilities and experiences in dealing with this matter.


People began to line up for the number tickets. Mr. Wei was in a good mood these few days, therefore, he brought his daughter, Wei Wei, here today as well.

They hadn’t been here for long when Mr. Wei caught sight of Wu Hai whom he hadn’t seen in a while. He was right behind him and looked quite weak from illness.

Of course, the pursuit of delicacies still remained unchanged in his eyes.

“Shameless Wu, are you sick?” Mr. Wei asked.

“I was sick, but because of my persistence in the delicacies, I came back again.” Wu Hai’s voice wasn’t even as loud as before.

“Sure,” Mr. Wei nodded his head and said nothing more.

Yuan Zhou also noticed that Wu Hai arrived. Seeing him, he was somewhat comforted. It seemed that his plan indeed worked.

When Wu Hai looked to be almost starving formerly, his friend, Yuan Zhou, only sent medicine to him and called him rather than cook for him. The main reason was to give Wu Hai a strong sense of purpose.

This strong sense of purpose could enable Wu Hai, who was even lazier than pigs, to eat medicine proactively and recover as soon as possible.

“I must eat a big dinner today. I must eat a very big dinner today.” Wu Hai wasn’t in the first ten people, but instead, in the second ten people. He stared at the inside of the restaurant fixedly and muttered.

Zhou Xi didn’t come today. He had kept muttering yesterday why Eaves Wu didn’t come, but when Wu Hai arrived today, he wasn’t here.

On the other hand, Chef Li was stupefied for a long while after he spoke with Yuan Zhou on the phone. He sat still over there and took the phone in his hand in a daze.

His head was filled with two characters now, “regret”.

Yeah, that’s right. He regretted it very much now. Under such circ.u.mstances, the consequences wouldn’t be good whether or not he could win.

In a state of utter stupefaction, Chef Li made one thing clear, that was, he couldn’t partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion anymore. So when Ao Pi, the head chef of Seafood Gathering, called him, he didn’t answer it.

Besides, he also blocked Ao Pi’s phone. He intended to get out of this matter directly.

“Luckily, I haven’t …” Chef Li felt fortunate inwardly and muttered.

However, he hadn’t finished speaking when his disciple ran quickly towards him.

“Master, it’s Master Ao. He said he wanted to discuss with you about an emergency.” His disciple said while running, “He said that he couldn’t reach you on the phone, so he called me to ask if there’s anything wrong.”

“I answered him then that you are all right and were studying a new dish in the kitchen, preparing to defeat that Yuan Zhou,” said his disciple with a manner of fis.h.i.+ng for compliments.

Nowadays, even the disciple wasn’t reliable. Chef Li glared at his disciple fiercely.

“What are you bullsh*tting about?” he said.

After that, Chef Li grabbed his disciple’s phone and directly hung up the call. As he still felt a little anxious, he turned off his disciple’s phone as well.

“Do your own things and don’t wander around. Do not turn on your phone today, understand?” Chef Li rebuked him.

His disciple appeared to be quite innocent and had no idea what was happening. But he didn’t dare to contradict his master and thus, he had to leave without saying anything.

Chef Li might indeed have been thinking about what seafood cuisines he could use to defeat Yuan Zhou previously, but now, what he was thinking was how to get rid of the issue about him partic.i.p.ating in this matter.

About ten minutes later, there came a familiar sound again.

“Master, Master…”

His disciple ran towards him hurriedly again and then shouted. However, he was straightforwardly interrupted by Chef Li when he hadn’t finished speaking.

“What happened this time? How many times have I told you to calm down? If you always behave so short-tempered, how can you be a good chef?” Chef Li glared at him and said discontentedly.

On hearing that, his disciple first stood still and managed to calm down before he said, “Master, somebody is looking for you outside.”

Chef Li knitted his brows and felt a little puzzled. He had just hung up Ao Pi’s phone but did this guy come to him so soon?

“Tell him that I’m not here,” said Chef Li directly.

“But…” Glared by Chef Li with his fierce eyes, his disciple eventually didn’t say anything though he had intended to.

“Okay, master. I’ll tell Secretary Zhong that you aren’t here,” said his disciple.

“Wait a minute,” Chef Li looked at his disciple with puzzlement and asked, “Who’s Secretary Zhong?” In his memory, there wasn’t any secretary whose surname was Zhong. Most importantly, the t.i.tle of Secretary Zhong sounded a little familiar.

“She’s Miss Zhong Lili. She is said to be the chief secretary of China’s Chef Alliance.” His disciple brought out all that he knew about.

“The chief secretary of China’s Chef Alliance?! Yeah, her surname is Zhong,” Chef Li immediately stood up and continued, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

After that, Chef Li glared at his disciple again and told him that the punishment would arrive later when he came back. Then, he went out of the kitchen hurriedly.

His disciple revealed an innocent look. He had really been treated unjustly.

Chef Li walked hurriedly to welcome the guest. In the main hall, he saw a pretty woman who was dressed in a grey business suit and seated on the long bench solemnly.

“You guys have truly messed things up! Why did you leave Secretary Zhong here in the main hall?” Chef Li first criticized the waitresses and then turned to say to Zhong Lili, “What can I do for you, Secretary Zhong? Let’s go inside and talk.”

“No need. Anyway, it’s not a big thing. I came to Shrimp and Crab Gathering today just for one matter,” Zhong Lili shook her head and then said.

“Say it please, Secretary Zhong.” Chef Li didn’t dare to put on airs at all in the face of Zhong Lili, the chief secretary of China’s Chef Alliance.

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