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Chapter 1827: Unt.i.tled

“Alright. I’ll roll the dice.” Feng Liu then stepped forward.

She prayed in her head when she rolled the dice. “Please be good. Please give me something good —”

When she opened the lid —

“6 and 6!”

Feng Liu was excited when she saw the two numbers, and she clenched her fists in satisfaction.

“It’s a great number! I’m sure you’ll get something good!” Feng Sang was happy for Feng Liu.

However —

When she opened the door to lattice No. 66 —

She saw a small, dim yellow spiritual stone.

Everyone was speechless.

Feng Liu wouldn’t believe it. She ran up to the shelf and grabbed the stone.

But the low-grade spiritual stone was still a spiritual stone. It didn’t change to something else as Feng Liu had hoped.

Dugu Yamo asked, “Is it really a low-grade spiritual stone?”

Sefiro looked disappointed. “We’ve rolled the dice three times, and nothing good has come out yet. Is there no treasure in this treasure hall?”

The others looked suspicious as well.

Could Sefiro be right? Was the entire treasure hall a scam?

“Otherwise, why have none of us found anything good?”

Meanwhile, in a place where they couldn’t see, Feng Wu was smiling.

In fact, 66 was indeed a good number, because that box contained something very valuable.

The Purple Sun Sword!

But the white fairy had pa.s.sed command of the treasure hall to Feng Wu, and Feng Wu would never let Feng Liu take the Purple Sun Sword.

That was reserved for Feng Xun.

Feng Sang stepped forward. “Let me give it a go.”

All eyes were on Feng Sang now.

She injected her spiritual essence, which once again was absorbed by Little Phoenix without fail.

“Ding —”

When the dice stopped rolling, everyone’s eyes lit up. “No. 2!”

The numbers on the two dice were 0 and 2, hence No. 2.

Lattice No. 2!

Feng Sang quickly walked up to the lattice with that number on it.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“It’s probably still worthless,” she thought to herself.

If she couldn’t get anything good, she didn’t want other people to find anything valuable either.

But that wasn’t what other people thought.

They wanted Feng Sang to give them some hope.

They would be very disappointed if they found four worthless pieces in a row.

Feng Wu checked lattice No. 2.

She was in a spot where she could see what was in the lattice without letting other people see her.

No. 2 —

She took a look and shook her head.

It was an Advancement Elixir, one that could raise a cultivator by a level instantly. Feng Sang wasn’t as annoying as Feng Liu, so Feng Wu decided to give it to her.

Squeak —

The door opened.


Feng Sang almost jumped to her feet when she saw what was inside.

She couldn’t hide the excitement on her face.

“An Advancement Elixir? Is it really an Advancement Elixir? Am I seeing things?” Although she had given away 10% of her spiritual essence, she could recover it later. Compared with the elixir, it was a very small price to pay.

The others looked at her as well.

“An Advancement Elixir?”

“I can’t believe this. That’s such a bargain!”

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1827 - Untitled summary

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