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Chapter 1862: Terrifying Feng Wu (2)

Feng Wu clicked her tongue in amazement as she studied the magnificent sword.

“Is it still a Level 2 weapon only? That’s too slow!” The white fairy stepped forward and flicked her fingers, and a dot of light shot out of her fingertips.



The room seemed to explode at that moment.

At that critical moment, the white fairy grabbed Feng Wu’s arm and dragged her to a safe distance.

Whoosh —

Looking up, Feng Wu saw the glorious explosion created by spiritual essence, and she thought she was looking at shattering stars.

Once everything calmed down, she looked at the sword again.

One look and she couldn’t stay calm anymore.

That was because —

“A Level 1 weapon?!” Feng Wu stared at the sword in disbelief. “Am I seeing things? Is it really Level 1 now? Dear fairy, have I gone blind?!”

Feng Wu rubbed her eyes.

That was because —

Weapons weren’t divided into so many levels, and every advancement was extremely difficult.

Feng Wu’s Fallen Star Sword could upgrade itself, which was already extremely rare, but now, it had jumped from a Level 3 to a Level 1 weapon directly!

One more advancement, and it would become a divine weapon! A divine weapon!

“Did something go wrong? This is way too fast!” Feng Wu walked up to the Fallen Star Sword and turned to ask the white fairy.

The fairy rolled her eyes at Feng Wu.

Stop asking questions and just enjoy the great favor I did you! she thought.

Feng Wu gave her a strange look, because she felt that the white fairy she met at the beginning wouldn’t have helped her like this.

What made her change so drastically?

“Well, this is going to be interesting.” The white fairy smiled.

Feng Wu was confused. The white fairy then said, “Ranmil really is a tough rival. She’s reached the fifth trial already.”

“Are the trials that easy to pa.s.s?” Feng Wu frowned.

The white fairy smirked. “Even Red March couldn’t pa.s.s them all, so how could Ranmil have pa.s.sed them so easily? The only explanation is that Red March taught her how to do it.”

Feng Wu said, “So, she came prepared.”

Crossing her hands behind her back, the white fairy nodded with a smile. “If she finds out that after all her efforts, not only did you take the Guardian of the Earth, but you’ve learned the first chapter as well, she’ll kill you.”

Feng Wu shrugged. “Well, I’ll get to try the power of the Guardian of the Earth on her.”

The white fairy chuckled. “Let’s go find the second chapter.”

With the white fairy next to her, Feng Wu could practically walk with her eyes closed, whereas for other people, this place was riddled with danger, and they had to think carefully before taking each step.

The Fallen Star Sword had been absorbing souls on the first tier, while the Guardian of the Earth was on the third tier.

Other people would have found it extremely difficult to get from the first tier to the third, because the layout of the tombs was constantly changing and rotating. Even with a map, one would find it next to impossible to follow the directions.

But with the white fairy at her side, Feng Wu didn’t even have to use her formation skills.

They still took a shortcut to get to the third tier.

And to take the shortcut, they had to walk past the hidden dungeon where the Guardian of the Earth had been hidden.

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 1862 - Terrifying Feng Wu (2) summary

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