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Chapter 1980: Unt.i.tled


Master Si Basi couldn’t believe that someone would address him that way. He had never expected to hear that in his entire life.

When he looked up and saw the proud little bird —

“Who… are you?”

Little Phoenix crossed its wings and rolled its eyes at Si Basi. “How impressive. You don’t even recognize me now, do you?”

The Black Robe Ghost King gave the chattering bird a strange look.

The bird seemed so weak that he could easily smash it to a pulp, but it was bold enough to talk to Master Si Basi that way. The old man was even stronger than the ghost king.

Master Si Basi was very cautious. After some thought, he was struck by an idea. “You… Are you him?!”

Him? The Black Robe Ghost King stared at the bird curiously. Who? Who was this bird?!!!

But Master Si Basi was too excited to finish his sentence.

How was that even possible?!


“Are you… You can’t be… Are you Master Phoenix?!” Si Basi stared at the bird in disbelief. “Am I right? Is that really you?!”

Master Si Basi was such an important figure on the continent, but now, he was so excited that he stuttered.

“Hmph!” Master Phoenix raised his chin. “I see that you haven’t forgotten the meal I offered you.”

A long, long time ago, Master Phoenix had been Mu Jiuzhou’s ride. Back then, he had travelled the world with Master Mu Jiuzhou and met all kinds of people.

Si Basi was just one of them.

He had been a starving young monk back then. Mu Jiuzhou gave him a meal and taught him a few moves.

Back in the day, wherever Mu Jiuzhou went… Well, to call him invincible would be an understatement.

“No. Of course I didn’t forget!” Master Si Basi was used to being revered, but in front of the little bird, he spoke with a half-bow and showed the bird every ounce of respect.

Seeing the phoenix was the same as seeing Mu Jiuzhou!

Master Si Basi looked up and saw the Black Robe Ghost King. His face darkened. With a flip of his sleeve, he said, “Leave us!”


The Black Robe Ghost King, who was so domineering around other people, was immediately thrown out of the confined s.p.a.ce.

He only realized what had happened when he stumbled back a few steps.

He had been so easily thrown out because he was distracted. He had been searching his memory for some information.

Unlike the white fairy and Master Si Basi, he hadn’t met Mu Jiuzhou or the bird before, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t heard of those names.

“Master Phoenix… Master Phoenix… Where have I heard that name before?


He smacked his head, and his eyes snapped open. “It’s him! OMG! What kind of world am I in?!”

His reaction frightened the others.

Everyone else gave him strange looks.

Master Si Basi’s s.h.i.+eld stopped the others from hearing anything. They saw the old man’s expression change, but they couldn’t hear him. They were so curious!

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