Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 3136 - 3136 Are You a Fairy from the Moon?

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Chapter 3136 - 3136 Are You a Fairy from the Moon?

3136 Are You a Fairy from the Moon?

Dongfang Ziyun asked, “Who could it be, then? Who did it?”

Elder Dongfang said indifferently, “Why do you care?”

Dongfang Ziyun realized she was right.



Why should she care? Somebody out there did it!

“Hahaha! That’s karma! Finally, the time has come for her to be punished for what she did!” Dongfang Ziyun said coldly.

At that moment, Feng Wu had no idea everybody was looking for her.

She slowly woke up when she heard the noise outside.

What was that about?

Why wouldn’t they let her sleep?

Feng Wu rubbed her eyes, yawned and finally opened her eyes.

She rolled around in bed, finally feeling she had rested enough. She gathered her strength, but remained lying down.

Her eyes were bright and clear once more.

Because the house was made of wood, she could see the light flas.h.i.+ng outside. Something seemed to be rus.h.i.+ng back and forth outside, moving unbelievably fast.

Was it a ghost?

Intrigued, Feng Wu got out of bed and went to open the door.

She was right. So many people were running around outside.

Feng Wu rested her elbows on the railing and cupped her chin as she watched them curiously.

Were they looking for something?

Somebody was digging in the ground.

Somebody was checking a bird’s nest.

Feng Wu thought they were looking for some spiritual pet.

She ran down the stairs and asked the teenager who was looking into the bird’s nest, “Hey, what are you looking for? Can I help you with anything?”

All these people were wearing colonel shoulder badges. Since Feng Wu was new here, she decided to make friends with them and blend in.

The teenager searching the bird’s nest was quite capable as well.

He was called Yue Xiu.

He was still looking into the nest when he casually replied, “Do you not know? Did you just come back from the Dayless Woods? Something really strange has happened.”

It was too dark to see one’s face clearly, and the teenager was looking into the nest the whole time, so he didn’t realize who he was talking to. He thought Feng Wu was just another fellow colonel.

Feng Wu’s eyes twinkled in the dark. “Strange? How strange? Tell me about it!”

Yue Xiu said grumpily, “Somebody disappeared from our quarters, and Yang Zhihu is leading the search party. We’ve done nothing but look for that person tonight. Yang Zhihu is a short-tempered man. I’m sure when he finds that person, he’ll skin him or her alive.”

“A search party? Who are you looking for? I’m very good at finding missing people.” Feng Wu rolled up her sleeves, ready to impress her new colleague.

“Feng Wu,” said Yue Xiu.

“Yes?” Feng Wu wondered how this teenager knew her name.

“Feng Wu.”


Yue Xiu grew impatient. What was this girl doing? He turned around and stared at Feng Wu. “I’m telling you, the person we’re looking for is called Feng Wu!”

Feng Wu was speechless.

Under the moonlight, the girl’s skin was flawless and as fair as the first snow.

Her features were exquisite, and her beauty was beyond description.

She looked like the best work of Nature itself.

Yue Xiu’s brain froze for a moment. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

“Are you a fairy?” He stared at Feng Wu. “Are you a fairy from the moon?”

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Godly Empress Doctor Chapter 3136 - 3136 Are You a Fairy from the Moon? summary

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