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Chapter 3137 - 3137 More Than Perfect

3137 More Than Perfect

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Yue Xiu said, “You… You…”

A thought suddenly struck him, and he took a portrait out of his chest pocket and looked at it under the moonlight.

Holy c.r.a.p!


The painting hadn’t made Feng Wu prettier than she really was!

Everybody thought the painting was a beautified version of the girl.

When they searched for her, they were expecting to see a girl that only resembled the painting by 70%.

If the girl in the painting had a score of ten, they thought Feng Wu herself would only be a seven.

However, Yue Xiu realized the girl in front of him was at least a twelve!

No painting could depict how beautiful she was.

“Are you Feng Wu?” Yue Xiu stared at her.

Feng Wu nodded. “Yes, I am.”

Yue Xiu shouted, “Guys! Over here! I found her! I found Feng Wu!”

His voice resonated in the quiet living quarters.

Feng Wu looked at him in bewilderment and had a bad feeling about this.

Was she the reason for all the commotion?

Everybody heard Yue Xiu’s voice.

Immediately, they all rushed in their direction.

Apart from Deputy Xu and his group, who had gone to the Dayless Woods, everybody was here. They surrounded Feng Wu.

Feng Wu looked at them, and they looked back at her.

In the moonlight, she was as beautiful as a fairy. No one could bring themselves to tell her off.

w.a.n.g Zhaole and Yang Hong led the second and third groups respectively.

They looked at each other. Both wanted to step forward, but neither had the courage.

Just then, Yang Zhihu arrived.

He glowered at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu only gave him an innocent glance.

Now that Yang Zhihu knew Feng Wu’s background, he didn’t dare do anything to her. However, he was all about saving face, so he put on a serious look.

He stared at her. “Feng Wu?!”

Feng Wu said, “Yes…”

Yang Zhihu said, “What took you so long? Where have you been? Everybody has been looking for you!”

Feng Wu said, “I…”

Before she could finish, Yang Zhihu said impatiently, “Follow me!”

He put his hands behind his back and led the way.

Seeing that Feng Wu was still standing there, he shouted, “I said follow me!”

The entire colonels’ quarters knew that Yang Zhihu was a Level 9 Spiritual King, and everybody was afraid of him.

His nickname was “White Tiger.”

Hearing his bellow, everybody cringed and held their breaths.

Yue Xiu was worried about Feng Wu. Yang Zhihu was angry. What would happen to the fairy?

w.a.n.g Zhaole and Yang Hong looked at each other, and were both worried about Feng Wu.

She couldn’t be older than 15. Yang Zhihu was like an angry tiger when he lost his temper. The girl wouldn’t be frightened to tears, would she?

“Dismissed!” Yang Zhihu shouted at his subordinates.

Yue Xiu summoned up his courage. “Sir, about Feng Wu…”

“Shut up!” Yang Zhihu shouted at Yue Xiu.

His voice sounded like a thunderclap, and everybody cringed.

The white tiger was so scary.

He looked like he could kill somebody.

Everybody gave the pretty girl sympathetic looks.

Only one person was smiling in the crowd.

It was none other than Yan Han herself.

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