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Chapter 1599 (Raw 1581): Truly Domineering

However, Xiao Chen was not the only one interested in this Dazzling Sunlight True Flame. There were at least ten people in this vast auction house who wanted to obtain it at all costs.

Among them, the most ambitious one was naturally Yan Xin, the new talent of the Burning Moon Sect.

Yan Xin was a fire-attributed cultivator, who cultivated a fire-attributed Cultivation Technique. He also comprehended the will of fire.

"Senior Brother, after you refine this Dazzling Sunlight True Flame, you will be able to break through the bottleneck to Primal Core Realm!" a Burning Moon Sect disciple said happily.

Yan Xin said coldly, "I possess deep acc.u.mulations and have to condense at least a 3 Star Primal Core. How can I make a breakthrough so easily? However, I must obtain this Dazzling Sunlight True Flame. After refining it, my acc.u.mulations will only become even more horrifying."

Besides Yan Xin, several Alchemists and refiners were very interested as well.

Alchemists and refiners were not people who lacked Spirit Jades. They possessed great wealth, and the bidding war was sure to be ferocious.

Before the bidding began, there was already tension in the air.

Prior to the bidding war, smoke already started rising.

"The Dazzling Sunlight True Flame has a starting bid of one hundred thousand Spirit Jades. Hehe! Alchemists, do not miss out on it."

The charming voice of Lan Luo rang out melodiously, speaking in a provocative manner.

"I bid two hundred thousand Spirit Jades!"

"I bid three hundred thousand Spirit Jades!"

"I bid four hundred thousand Spirit Jades!"

"I bid five hundred thousand Spirit Jades!"

"I bid six hundred thousand Spirit Jades!"

"I bid one million Spirit Jades!"

Everyone was shocked. Lan Luo's voice appeared to be magical. As soon as she finished speaking, the refiners and Alchemists in the VIP rooms immediately pushed the price to one million Spirit Jades via a rapid burst of bids.

The entire auction house fell silent, shocked by this bid.

"d.a.m.n it! Lan Luo, you b.i.t.c.h, how dare you spoil my plans?!"

Yan Xin immediately became enraged. He savagely slapped the table, startling the other people in the room.

As Yan Xin saw the bids soaring uncontrollably higher, he immediately said, "Everyone, I, Yan Xin, want this. Please give me some face. In the future, if any of you Alchemists need any help, you can come to the Burning Moon Sect to look for me."

When the bids reached two million Spirit Jades, Yan Xin could no longer hold back. He brought out his sect and started to pressure everyone.

The ferocious bidding war immediately came to a halt. Those wealthy Alchemists and refiners were stunned to hear this and stopped bidding.

Lan Luo, who was on the platform, showed a somewhat unsightly expression. Then, she smiled and said, "Young Master Yan, this is not good, right?"

"Did I do anything against the rules? Is the Purple Cloud Pavilion that overbearing, not permitting our Burning Moon Sect disciples to speak at all?"

Inside the VIP room, Yan Xin showed a stiff expression, not giving any face at all.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, This person is truly overbearing. When his own interest was affected, he immediately brought out the Burning Moon Sect.

His different standpoint aside, Xiao Chen rathered approved of this action.

It was every man for himself, or one might end up getting destroyed. If one had a trump card but did not use it, it would be too inflexible and would appear hypocritical.

However, Xiao Chen somewhat looked down on this person's judgment. This person thought too highly of himself, behaving too much like a bandit.

That Lan Luo was definitely not as simple as she appeared to be.

Those who took her for an easy target were fools.

"Naturally, our Purple Cloud Pavilion will not prohibit the Burning Moon Sect disciples from speaking, and we do not do the same to others, either. However, you used the Burning Moon Sect to pressure others. Isn't that somewhat breaking our rules?"

Lan Luo calmed herself. Her smile did not fade away. Clearly, she was somewhat shrewd and tolerant.

"Shut up, you s.l.u.t. How dare you slander me? In that case, don't blame me for flipping out here. What proof do you have that I used my sect to pressure others? Who was threatened by me? As long as someone stands out, I, Yan Xin, will make amends with my death!"

Who knew, right after Lan Luo just spoke, Yan Xin immediately knocked her words down, grasped on to a sore spot, and started spouting sophistry.

The entire place turned silent; no one said a thing.

Lan Luo immediately became somewhat fl.u.s.tered, her entire body trembling slightly.

"Humph! If the Purple Cloud Pavilion is filled with people like you, people who slander others, I feel that there is no need for you all to continue your business. I still have not brought up the point where you worked together with a group of old men to purposely raise the price, yet you malign me instead!"

Yan Xin's words were very vicious, especially that last line of his, which created a stir.


Lan Luo was so angered that her entire body trembled. Her ample bosom shook, making the crowd think of improper scenes along with Yan Xin's words.

"I, the Ice-Snow Sword, Luo Feng, support Brother Yan. The Purple Cloud Pavilion needs to give an account for this. Otherwise, there is really no need for you to continue doing business."

Just at this crucial moment, the Ice-Snow Sword, Luo Feng, suddenly said something. Clearly, he wanted to make use of this opportunity to make his presence felt, which would be more beneficial for himself in the latter part of the auction.

This meant that the Ice-Snow Mountain Manor supported Yan Xin as well, tilting the situation in Yan Xin's favor.

However, it was really strange that w.a.n.g Ling, the new talent of the Wind Chasing Sect—the third of the three Rank 2 sects—was not here. Otherwise, he probably would have voiced his support as well.

"We suppose Young Master Yan. The Purple Cloud Pavilion definitely needs to apologize!"

"Right, apologize! Apologize!"

Voices rang out in the huge Purple Cloud Pavilion, like an overwhelming wave, earsplitting.

Xiao Chen observed carefully. The Great Desolate bloodline in Lan Luo's body became increasingly clearer at this moment, showing signs of going berserk.

Fei`er asked somewhat angrily, "How can these people do this? It is clear who is right and wrong with one glance. Can they all be blind?"

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. "This is the result of too much stupidity and insufficient intelligence. These people merely seek a moment of exposure, not caring about what is right or wrong. They've numbed themselves to what they are doing, thinking that they are the righteous ones."

"How can this be…" Fei`er shook her head in confusion.

"There is nothing impossible. It won't seem strange after you have seen more of the world. You will understand in the future. However, I'm about to start my bidding."

Xiao Chen narrowed his calm eyes. A sharp brilliance flashed in them.

Amid this overwhelming wave-like clamor for an apology, a voice stating something different suddenly rang out. "Dazzling Sunlight True Flame, three million Spirit Jades!"

This voice was not loud, but it clearly spread to everyone, reaching everyone's minds.

The wave of cries seemed like it struck something heavy and stopped.

The entire place turned strangely quiet.

Who was it? Who was so blind as to go against the flow, calling out a bid of three million amid these wave-like calls?

"Miss Lan Luo, what's wrong? Is my bid not valid?"

Lan Luo, who was on the verge of going berserk, suddenly startled awake at this moment.

d.a.m.n it! What am I doing? If I cannot deal with even this small matter, how am I to succeed to my clan's business?

Lan Luo withdrew all her aura and gave the VIP room where Xiao Chen was a deep look. Then, she said, "VIP room 3 calls a bid of three million Spirit Jades for the Dazzling Sunlight True Flame. Is there any higher bid?!"

The smile on Yan Xin's face immediately froze and turned very sinister and frightening.

It's you!

Yan Xin could tell that the one who spoke in VIP room 3 was Xiao Chen.

"Xiao Chen, how dare you spoil my plans again?! Are you tired of living?"

Yan Xin's irate voice came from his VIP room. Everyone could sense his rage.

"Four million Spirit Jades!"

However, the only reply Yan Xin got was an unhurried, higher bid from Xiao Chen.

"It looks like you really are tired of living!"

"Five million Spirit Jades!"

"I'll kill your entire family!"

"Six million Spirit Jades!"

"I, Yan Xin, swear that I will definitely kill you!"

"Seven million Spirit Jades!"

"Boom!" An explosion reverberated from the room Yan Xin was in, as if he smashed a table to pieces.

The sound was exceptionally clear in this quiet place.

Every time Yan Xin spoke, Xiao Chen would unhurriedly add one million Spirit Jades to his bid. This made the crowd feel like Yan Xin's threats were quite ridiculous.

"Why have you stopped speaking? Do continue. For every time you speak, I'll add one million Spirit Jades to the bid. Don't you want to obtain the Dazzling Sunlight True Flame? Let's see how much wealth you have. Continue cursing me. Let's continue playing!"

The voice from VIP room 3 rang out coldly. Everyone immediately felt a chill, which made them s.h.i.+ver.

When the Ice-Snow Sword, Luo Feng, heard these words, he chose to hold his tongue.

He did not want to offend a wealthy person like Xiao Chen. If something interested him and he ended up fighting with the other party, causing an escalation in the bids, it would be problematic.

Seeing Yan Xin's current situation, Luo Feng rationally chose not to interfere.

A word appeared in everyone's hearts: domineering!

What was true domineeringness? It did not need sharp words, just immense wealth, enough to suppress one into silence. This was true domineeringness!

These actions clearly asked, do you dare to continue playing?!

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