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Chapter 1630 (Raw 1612): Ending Up with Nothing

Before Xiao Chen could think, Little Yellow Feather started trembling.


As Little Yellow Feather gave off a golden light, its body blazed with a fierce flame. This was the first time Xiao Chen had seen it enter its combat state since its Nirvanic Rebirth.

All of the Golden Crow's feathers shone with a glistening, golden light. This was not the light from its feathers but the light given off by the flame.

Xiao Chen squinted slightly, finding the light somewhat piercing. Heatwaves spread out uncontrollably.

The surface of the sea slowly started surging as heatwaves rose.

What strong heatwaves! Xiao Chen's skin felt scorched, which startled him. Despite the strength of his physical body, he actually could not withstand the heatwaves coming from Little Yellow Feather.

He had to leave the Golden Crow and watch from afar.

After that, Xiao Chen was shocked to discover that after Little Yellow Feather entered its combat state, the two Cold Steel Eagles actually flapped their wings and started to retreat.

Suddenly, drops of water appeared on the two Cold Steel Eagles' bodies and dripped off.


When a drop of that water fell into the sea, the sea sank in deeply like so much cotton candy. In the next moment, the seawater bounced back with a huge wave.

"Drip! Drip!"

These water droplets kept falling from the Cold Steel Eagles' bodies. These water droplets looked very ordinary, but they contained a startling amount of energy. Rumbling rang out as towering waves appeared on the sea in rapid succession.

Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes and saw a flash of light. Suddenly, he understood.

It's ice!

The Cold Steel Eagles' feathers were covered in a layer of ice. This was why Xiao Chen's saber only left a few marks on their surface without injuring the Cold Steel Eagles at all.

Clearly, this ice was not normal ice. When normal ice melted into water, it would not contain such intense might.

It was this layer of ice that allowed the Cold Steel Eagles' feathers to become even sharper and harder than Profound Tools and also give off cold Qi.

However, everything had its nemesis. Little Yellow Feather was the Golden Crow Holy Beast, which was born in the sun. It was a divine beast of flames from birth. To say that it was the ancestor of those that used fire was no exaggeration.

With Little Yellow Feather's purposeful control, the ambient temperature climbed steadily. Clearly, the two Cold Steel Eagles found it hard to bear.

Hence, a startling scene appeared in the air. Many Golden Crows much smaller than the two Cold Steel Eagles harried the Cold Steel Eagles in the air.

"Why does today's sun feel somewhat strange?"

Sweat continuously dripped down Xiao Chen's forehead. Then, he raised his head and looked at the sun in the sky, feeling that the sun was ridiculously strong.

This moment of carelessness had him shutting his eyes in pain, feeling like fire had burned them.

Fortunately, he was not severely injured. After circulating his energy a little, he recovered.

Xiao Chen carefully opened his eyes and squinted at the sun. It was incredibly bright, and the sunlight it sent down was exceptionally piercing.

Suddenly, Little Yellow Feather shrieked out. The sunlight became like snowflakes falling.

Fierce flames immediately blazed on the surface of the sea, covering a radius of more than fifty kilometers.

Is Little Yellow Feather able to use the energy of the sun's light directly after its Nirvanic Rebirth?

I don't remember it having such an ability in the past. Xiao Chen felt startled. Little Yellow Feather's quiet growth exceeded his expectations.

"Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!"

Suddenly, two miserable cries came from the air. Little Yellow Feather swung one of its claws forward like it was kicking a ball. It knocked one of the Cold Steel Eagles into the sea, not too far from Xiao Chen.

Then, Little Yellow Feather kicked again, and it struck down the other Cold Steel Eagle. This Cold Steel Eagle caromed into the first one, which had just gotten up, knocking it back down.

Burned by the sea of fire, the two Cold Steel Eagles wailed in pain, sounding wretched.


Little Yellow Feather spread its wings, and the flames on the surface of the sea turned into beams of light that entered its body. The might of a Holy Beast surged out, and the two Cold Steel Eagles were frightened into s.h.i.+vering, not daring to get up.

"Whoos.h.!.+" Little Yellow Feather swooped down and landed on the head of one of the Cold Steel Eagles. Then, it turned back into the size of a palm, standing on the other party and appearing

Hehe! It is settled. Little Yellow Feather says that you should go and trample on these two silly birds. Ao Jiao's relaxed laughter rang out in Xiao Chen's mind.

This battle was much more relaxed than Xiao Chen imagined. The Cold Steel Eagles seemed like they met their nemesis, completely suppressed by Little Yellow Feather, who was much weaker than them.

In the entire battle, the Cold Steel Eagles only managed to do one thing: get beaten up.

Xiao Chen pushed off with his feet, feeling cautious as he landed before the two Cold Steel Eagles. They were like two small buildings standing right before him.

The two Cold Steel Eagles lowered their heads with none of the tyranny and ferocity they had displayed when they ma.s.sacred the Black Star Sawtooth Sharks and hounded Xiao Chen.

They were like little children caught making a mistake.

Now, Xiao Chen finally fully believed what Little Yellow Feather said, and could not help showing a smile.

Everything in the world had a counter. Who could have thought that the powerful Cold Steel Eagles that pursued Xiao Chen all over the place would be subdued into obedience by Little Yellow Feather?

Of course, Xiao Chen would not really go and trample on these two Cold Steel Eagles. He smiled and said, "Little Yellow Feather, let them go."

Little Yellow Feather, which was on the head of one of the Cold Steel Eagles, extended a wing as though it was pointing and chirped endlessly.

Hahaha! Xiao Chen, Little Yellow Feather said that these are the disciples it just took in. You are its big brother, so you are the big brother of the Cold Steel Eagles' big brother.

Ao Jiao was amused by this, laughing endlessly.

Xiao Chen was in disbelief, feeling suspicious. "Really?"

Little Yellow Feather patted its chest with its wing. Then, it rapped the head of the Cold Steel Eagle underfoot thrice with its wing.

The two Cold Steel Eagles glanced at each other with hidden bitterness before nodding slightly three times. Then, they spread their wings and lowered their heads, prostrating themselves at Xiao Chen's feet.

Xiao Chen could not help laughing at these actions. Then, he stepped forward to join Little Yellow Feather.

Who knew, Little Yellow Feather chirped noisily at Xiao Chen, pointing to the other Cold Steel Eagle with its wing. Then, it pounded on its chest with its wings continuously, raising its head and looking incredibly proud.

It was like Little Yellow Feather was saying one each would be more awe-inspiring.

Just like this, the two Cold Steel Eagles carried Xiao Chen and Little Yellow Feather into the distance, going to meet up with the Black Cutla.s.s pirate s.h.i.+p that was rus.h.i.+ng over.


On the other side:

The three old men worked together and killed the Black Star Sawtooth Shark chief, which had already been on its last breath.

Then, the three old men excitedly landed on the Tree of Life. The gray-clad old man took out a sword and narrowed his eyes. He infused Veritable Essence Energy into the sword and ferociously stabbed it into the tree.

"Pu ci!"

Turbid sap immediately flowed out. The three old men frowned at the same time.

"What is this? It is incredibly impure. Aside from some wood fragrance, there is no aura at all."

"That's not right. It is just ordinary tree sap," one of the old men said after bending down, scooping up a drop, and carefully inspecting it.

"Master, there is a hole in the tree here!" One of the two youths behind discovered something and immediately reported happily.

The gray-robed old man's figure flashed; then, he arrived before the two. Some aura still lingered from the Life Juice Source in the tree hole.

However, aside from this, there was nothing. Only extremely impure tree sap remained.

"d.a.m.n it! That white-clad youth drained all the Life Juice Source!"

The gray-clad old man thought for a while and quickly figured out what had happened, becoming enraged.

"Senior Brother, don't worry. The two of us will get the Cold Steel Eagles to bring his corpse back."

The gray-clad old man's two junior brothers immediately took out their flutes and blew them.

The sound waves focused into a beam, continuously stretching out into the distance to reach the Cold Steel Eagles that had already gone far away.


The trained Cold Steel Eagles turned restless, and Xiao Chen's expression changed slightly as he sensed something wrong.

Who knew, Little Yellow Feather, who was on the other Cold Steel Eagle, fiercely swung its wing down, swatting the head of the Cold Steel Eagle it was on. Then, it stomped on the Cold Steel Eagle's head like a warning.

The two Cold Steel Eagles immediately became obedient and ignored the sound of the flute.


The flute melody sped up, and the two old men's expressions turned increasingly unsightly. After a long time, they still saw no sign of the Cold Steel Eagles responding.

One of the old men said with an ugly expression, "Senior Brother…we lost control of the Cold Steel Eagles."

"Gurgle! Gurgle!"

Just at this moment, the incredibly huge Black Star Sawtooth Shark chief, which had only its huge skeleton left, sank into the sea.

The gray-clad old man ended up with nothing in the end and even lost two tamed Cold Steel Eagles. His expression changed greatly, looking very interesting.

"Never mind, I'll return and explain to the Sect Master. I'll bear all responsibility for this."

The gray-clad old man only sighed helplessly after a long time. He thought about the smile that Xiao Chen showed when Xiao Chen first appeared.

He felt that he had been played. This time, he lost big.

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