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Chapter 1632 (Raw 1614): Blessed Lands

Xiao Suo's suggestion gave Xiao Chen food for thought. Honestly, Xiao Chen never planned on being a pirate for the rest of his life.

His goal had never changed, either. He wanted to go to Ancestor Dragon City.

He wanted to see Liu Ruyue, to become the Dragon Emperor, and revitalize the Azure Dragon bloodline.

If he got too deeply involved with the Pirate Alliance, he might face difficulty getting out in the future.

"We'll see. Right now, the overall capabilities of the Black Cutla.s.s are equal to that of a 3-Star pirate s.h.i.+p. There is no rush for now."

When Xiao Suo heard that, he was somewhat disappointed. He could tell that Xiao Chen did not have any ambitions in this area.

Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Suo and said softly, "Sooner or later, I will have to leave, and this s.h.i.+p will return to your hands. Don't give up on what you were once determined to do."

"However, Big Brother, I swore that I would follow you for the rest of my life," Xiao Suo said sincerely, appearing somewhat anxious.

Xiao Chen smiled. "Don't overthink. Following me does not mean that you have to be physically with me always. I believe that one day, you will have the ability to take charge and become a 9-Star pirate. You might even become a Pirate King."

Xiao Suo smiled abashedly and did not take him seriously. Being a 9-Star pirate was already quite a stretch, what more a Pirate King.


Six days later:

The Black Cutla.s.s pirate s.h.i.+p decelerated in the Grave Sea as it slowly approached the Pirate Alliance base on the sea chart.

Inside the captain's quarters:

Xiao Chen opened his eyes. His body had just undergone another round of cleansing by the golden Life Juice Source and no longer had any more room for improvement.

Compared to before he first used the Life Juice Source, his physique had already experienced a qualitative change.

Now, his physical body was already comparable to that of Major Primal Core cultivators, not weaker by much.

Of course, the Major Primal Core cultivators referenced were those that grew up in places like the Grave Sea.

These were not the Major Primal Core cultivators from small places like Purple Sun City.

Right now, Xiao Chen's physical body was his strongest a.s.set. His Vital Qi could already produce three Cauldron Force easily with one casual punch.

Next were his skills with a saber, his Saber Dao. After arriving in the Great Thousand Realms, aside from his Great Dao Energy breaking into Approaching Small Perfection, there were no major improvements.

The final thing was his cultivation. The Veritable Essence Energy of the half-step Primal Core Realm was still somewhat weak.

Although Xiao Chen possessed vast acc.u.mulations and firm foundations, in terms of cultivation, his Veritable Essence Energy was not comparable to the peak Minor Primal Core Xiao Suo.

However, once Xiao Chen broke through the half-step Primal Core Realm, the energy that he could burst out with would be even more horrifying.

Xiao Chen's current weakness was merely his acc.u.mulations waiting to be unleashed.

"My overall strength should not be that much inferior to that Black Lotus Church arhat's anymore. Including my trump cards, I should be able to hold my own," Xiao Chen muttered to himself in deep thought.

"Captain, we will arrive in the Pirate Alliance base soon. Come out and take a look." Fei`er's voice rang out as she walked into the room, addressing Xiao Chen.

According to the directions on the sea chart, the base of the Pirate Alliance was just fifty kilometers ahead.

Xiao Chen nodded in acknowledgment. Then, he pushed open the door and went to the highest crow's-nest of the s.h.i.+p.


Suddenly, sonic booms rang out above the pirate s.h.i.+p. Several figures quickly flew by in the sky.

Those who dared to fly around in the starry sea were all peak experts. Without sufficient Veritable Essence Energy to support them, no one would dare to travel by flying.

Those people looked at the pirate s.h.i.+p below but did not linger, leaving quickly.

After a while, seven or eight groups of cultivators flew past the pirate s.h.i.+p, all of them heading for the island where the Pirate Alliance base was.

Xiao Chen found it strange that so many people were wasting their Veritable Essence Energy to fly over the starry sea.

Do they not have s.h.i.+ps?

Below, Xiao Suo explained to Fei`er, "Those people are not pirates. Their s.h.i.+ps cannot stop near Pirate Alliance bases. However, the Pirate Alliance will not stop them from coming alone."

Fei`er felt confused, so she asked, "They are not pirates, so what are they doing at the Pirate Alliance?"

Xiao Suo smiled and replied, "Some go there to buy or sell, some to establish their might and spread their fame, and some just purely to watch the excitement."

"The Pirate Alliance bases in the starry sea are not as peaceful as the one in Purple Sun City. Just think of a chaotic city with no regulations. There are not as many rules as in a righteous faction. It is like a free market in the sea."

Fei`er said curiously, "Establish one's might and spread one's fame? Can we do it as well?"

An old crewmember laughed and said, "The people of the righteous factions want to use us to spread their fame. Naturally, we can use them to spread our fame. However, it would be infamy. Hehe!"

Xiao Suo nodded and said, "That's right. What does the Pirate Alliance have the most of? Naturally, it is pirates. Aside from that, there are some bandits and experts of the evil factions. Such people like to gather here as well.

"There are dueling rings in Pirate Alliance bases. If one can defeat a strong pirate or an expert of the evil factions, one would be able to spread their fame quickly and even gain some benefits.

"It is precisely because of its special nature that the Pirate Alliance can stand on its own, becoming a special attraction of the vast starry sea and attracting all sorts of people. The people of both evil and righteous factions gather here."

Fei`er stuck out her tongue and said, "So, that's the case? This feels rather interesting."

Xiao Suo turned his head and smiled. "Girl, I think you have the potential to become a great pirate."

Luo Nan quickly s.h.i.+elded Fei`er and said, "Stop talking nonsense and teaching my Fei`er the wrong things."

Xiao Suo laughed loudly and said without concern, "It was just a casual remark. Look at you and how anxious you are."

Xiao Chen leaned back at the high crow's-nest. The Cycle Throne that was infused into his clothes appeared, and he reclined comfortably.

He looked into the distance where a blue dot had already appeared at the limits of his vision.

That was the Pirate Alliance base.

"I heard that there are two Rank 3 sect disciples from different blessed lands who are going to duel at this Pirate Alliance base."

"Interesting. No wonder so many people are coming over. It turns out that there is something exciting to see here."

"There are three blessed lands in the Grave Sea. Sects that are able to settle in the blessed lands are peak existences among Rank 3 sects. These two people are definitely impressive."

"That's right. These two people have the bloodlines of the Great Desolate Eon's ten thousand races. Among the youths of their respective blessed lands, they rank within the top hundred."

The physical body of Xiao Chen, who was on the crow's-nest, had already undergone several rounds of strengthening. His sharp senses picked up some interesting conversations.

Blessed lands…during the Immortal Epoch, that referred to the places where the Earth Immortals resided.

Naturally, there were no Immortals in the Martial Epoch. However, the sects that occupied the blessed lands were similarly excellent. They had to go through intense compet.i.tion before they could enter the blessed land.

There were three blessed lands in the Grave Sea: the Potala Mountain, the Black Cave Mountain, and the Heavenly Shaking Mountain.

Every one of the blessed lands was famous and held a high status.

Only by going into a blessed land would Rank 3 sects have a chance to progress to Rank 4.

That nominal disciple of Pan Huang's had to be in a sect that was in one of the three blessed lands.

Aside from fixing the pirate s.h.i.+p, Xiao Chen had another reason for going to the Pirate Alliance base: to search for Ye Zifeng's sect, to find out which blessed land it was in.

When Xiao Chen overheard the conversations of these people, his eyes lit up.

If one of these two disciples from the blessed lands came from the same blessed land as Ye Zifeng, perhaps he might be able to discover Yi Zifeng's sect sooner than expected.

"Captain, we've arrived!" Xiao Suo shouted to Xiao Chen while raising his head.

Xiao Chen nodded and jumped down. The throne returned to his clothes, and he landed firmly.

The group of four headed for the Pirate Hall while the other crewmembers steered the s.h.i.+p to the harbor to fix it.

This was not Xiao Chen's first time at a Pirate Alliance base. He no longer found the many palaces and halls, surrounded by palace walls, strange.

While it was the Pirate Hall, it was actually a pirate city. One should not be blinded by the name.

When one showed the Captain Token at the entrance to the Pirate Hall, one could enter for free.

If one was not a pirate and wanted to enter, one would have to pay a toll of Spirit Jades. Furthermore, it was not cheap.

Upon catching sight of the endless line of people pouring in, with all the outsiders handing over one thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Jades each, Xiao Chen was flabbergasted.

The Pirate Alliance earned Spirit Jades really easily. He wondered if there were any envious factions that had set themselves against the organization.

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