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Chapter 858: Strange Place

"So when the Great Tang Nation's Royal Court came to seek this Fat Lord to become cannon fodder, this Fat Lord immediately rejected them."

A startled look appeared on Xiao Chen's face. He said, "Brother Dabao, you will probably have to become this cannon fodder even if you don't want to."

Jin Dabao stared at him blankly for a moment, before he quickly reacted with a smile, saying, "Don't look to this Brother Fatty for this matter. You are strong. Naturally, you dare to go anywhere. The bones of this Fat Lord cannot take that kind of torture. If there is nothing else, I'll take my leave first."

After patting his b.u.t.t, Jin Dabao stood up and prepared to leave. The Sky Dome Immortal Realm was not as nice as its name sounded. It might sound very poetic, but it contained all sorts of ferocious beasts and spatial storms. Those who were careless could end up losing their lives.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and an Astral Coin appeared in his hand. With a tinkling sound, he flicked it towards the fatty.

"Hu chi!"

Jin Dabao turned around. His eyes were sharp, and his hands were swift. The moment he turned around, he s.n.a.t.c.hed that Astral Coin out of the air. From his appearance, he seemed to have antic.i.p.ated that Xiao Chen would do this.

"Haha! The only person who can keep up with this Fat Lord's thoughts is probably you."

The fatty smiled so widely that he was like a flower blooming. He was overjoyed. With two Astral Coins, he could buy a sect once he got to the Kunlun Realm.

"Let's go!"

Xiao Chen was already familiar with the fatty's habit of pretending to let go in order to gain more. Naturally, he knew that the fatty did not really want to refuse.

Using his full power, he tore s.p.a.ce, bringing the fatty with him. They moved very fast. In a mere half day, they arrived at the Imperial Capital of the Great Tang Nation.

Such horrifying strength made the fatty sigh, stirring even more excitement in his heart.

He would definitely make a killing with this deal. The two Astral Coins that were "worth a Rank 8 sect" aside, Xiao Chen would surely share the benefits gained in the Sky Dome Immortal Realm with him.

Even if Jin Dabao did not receive any treasures from Xiao Chen, he had everything to gain and nothing to lose just by going to the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

When thinking of the two valuable Astral Coins, the fatty felt extremely pleased. Xiao Chen may be strong, but in the end, he is not as smart as this Fat Lord.

After arriving outside the royal palace, Xiao Chen put on the Heavenly Sea Cloak and said, "Go in and negotiate with them. Don't worry. They won't discover me. I'll just follow you in."

After saying that, Xiao Chen vanished. The fatty looked around and could not help saying, "He actually disappeared! The Kunlun Realm really has a lot of treasures."

Stop wasting time. I am right beside you. Move quickly.

Jin Dabao heard Xiao Chen's voice resound in his mind. This stunned him for a while, causing him to marvel at this treasure.

However, he started scheming. With Xiao Chen's intelligence, he is still doing well in the Kunlun Realm. This Fat Lord will definitely do well over there.

As Jin Dabao thought this, he identified himself, and the major characters of the Royal Court came to welcome him.

The Jin Clan's strength in the Great Tang Nation was top-notch and very influential.

When the experts of the Royal Court heard that the fatty changed his mind and wanted to go to the Sky Dome Immortal Realm, they hesitated, because the Royal Court's group had already departed. Even if the fatty went at this point, he would not be able to help the disciples of the Great Tang Nation's Royal Court.

However, these people had to show Jin Dabao some face. Even though they were unwilling, they still agreed grudgingly in the end.

Xiao Chen kept himself hidden and followed Jin Dabao into the depths of the royal palace to a heavily guarded transportation formation. That transportation formation had a vast and ancient aura.

Circles of Medial Grade Spirit Stones surrounded the transportation formation. A quick count gave at least several thousand.

The fatty stood carefreely on the transportation formation. Xiao Chen was beside him, but no one noticed.

There was a loud 'boom,' and the Medial Grade Spirit Stones burned up. The ancient formation activated, a white light flashed, and s.p.a.ce twisted. Xiao Chen and Jin Dabao both vanished from the transportation formation at the same time.

A light flashed, and Xiao Chen and Jin Dabao appeared in the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

What is the Sky Dome Immortal Realm like?

Xiao Chen and Jin Dabao were rather curious. They still entertained some fantasies of it in their minds. However, after they arrived, they could not help but reveal expressions of disappointment.

Jin Dabao's lips twitched as he quipped, "I knew that this broken-down place was nothing much. However, I did not expect it to have broken down to this extent."

The two looked around. The sky was chaotic with sunlight distinctly absent. Spatial storms screamed and rushed everywhere, scattering sharp pieces of s.p.a.ce that were sharper than any knife. Even Xiao Chen felt fl.u.s.tered at seeing them.

Tornadoes bearing countless s.p.a.ce pieces whirled around. The sky looked like an evil, man-eating beast hovering in the air, opening its b.l.o.o.d.y jaws wide.

Xiao Chen looked downwards. The air seemed very humid and turbid. Not even mentioning the Kunlun Realm, it was even inferior to the Tianwu Continent's air.

The gra.s.s and flowers on the ground grew irregularly, appearing malnourished.

Xiao Chen gaped, flabbergasted. "Brother Dabao, did we come to the wrong place?"


A palm-sized mosquito suddenly appeared. The fatty moved quickly, swinging the folding fan in his hand and smacking this mosquito far away. However, it did not die.

"It should not be wrong. The Great Tang Nation's Royal Court would not dare to cheat me on this. This mosquito is really extraordinarily large," Jin Dabao said with fear in his heart as he swatted the mosquitoes that flew over.

Xiao Chen smiled casually and said, "The one on your b.u.t.t is even larger."

A sharp shriek resounded. The fatty immediately jumped up in pain. He turned his head and looked. A black mosquito the size of his face rested silently on his b.u.t.t.

The mosquito's sharp and long proboscis penetrated Jin Dabao's clothes like a needle as it fed happily. He immediately and ruthlessly swung the folding fan in his hand.

"Pa! Pa!" Even after two swings, Jin Dabao failed to swat the mosquito off. Furthermore, the mosquito that he swatted away earlier flapped its wings and flew over.

Two saber Qi flashed. Electric light burst forth, and the two mosquitoes exploded into smithereens. Xiao Chen, who stood at the side, had made a move.

"f.u.c.k! f.u.c.k! f.u.c.k!"

Jin Dabao rubbed his b.u.t.t as he jumped around on the ground, screaming as though his parents had died.

"Buzz…! Buzz…! Buzz…!" The air started to tremble. A strong wind blew towards the two. Xiao Chen raised his head and saw a large swarm of mosquitoes flying over from the front.

The strong wind was due to these mosquitoes flapping their wings.


Xiao Chen grabbed the hand of the pale Jin Dabao and soared into the air. Then, he looked back and, using his palm as a saber, executed the foundational moves of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique.

"Wind and lightning, gather!"

The purple Lightning Talisman in Xiao Chen's sea of consciousness spun around. The vague form of his saber soul and four beams of golden light instantly came out.

As Xiao Chen swing his palm, a saber Qi containing his ninety-percent-comprehended saber intent and the forty-percent-comprehended will of thunder surged out from his palm.

Wind howled and thunder crackled. The purple saber Qi with four strands of golden light flowing on it tore through s.p.a.ce, shattering it and blasting this swarm of wild bloodsucking mosquitoes into pieces.

Xiao Chen squinted and could not help but be flabbergasted. There were a few mosquitoes that were perfectly fine. Even after coming in contact with the s.p.a.ce shards and saber Qi, they had not died or gotten injured.

However, the surviving mosquitoes realized how powerful Xiao Chen was, so they flapped their wings and slowly flew away amid the pieces of riven s.p.a.ce.

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze. A strand of scarlet light came out of his forehead as he summoned the Ma.s.sacre Throne.

The scarlet throne sat on a bank of scarlet clouds as it floated gently in front. When the fatty saw the throne, he immediately rejoiced and laughed loudly, "Tyrannical! This throne is simply made for this Fat Lord."

After the fatty said that, he let go of Xiao Chen's hand, leaped towards the throne, and plopped his large b.u.t.t onto it.

Then, there was another sharp shriek. The fatty rubbed his b.u.t.t as he quickly leaped up from the throne.

Jin Dabao landed on a scarlet cloud as his complexion paled. He said, "Xiao Chen, why do I feel that there is blood pouring out like a fountain from an additional hole in my b.u.t.t?"

Xiao Chen glanced at Jin Dabao's b.u.t.t and saw a b.l.o.o.d.y hole with blood indeed spurting out. A trace of sympathy flashed in Xiao Chen's eyes as he said, "It's fine. You are overthinking things. It is just a hole."

As the two rode on the scarlet clouds, Xiao Chen sat on the throne and flew increasingly higher. In the blink of an eye, they approached the sky, about to face the horrifying spatial storms.

The scarlet clouds shook continuously. When Jin Dabao, who was trying to get a good look at the wound on his b.u.t.t, saw what Xiao Chen was doing, he could not help being alarmed.

Jin Dabao exclaimed, "Xiao Chen, are you crazy? This is a spatial storm. There are even tornadoes carrying sharp pieces of s.p.a.ce. They can easily tear even a grandmaster-level Martial Sage into shreds."

"I know. However, this only applies to the grandmaster-level Martial Sages of the Sky Dome Realm," Xiao Chen replied calmly and held out two fingers.

Then he tapped on his forehead. A beam of purple light shot out and split into four, turning into four small golden sabers, each guarding one direction.

Soon after the two entered the sky, the tornadoes with sharp pieces of s.p.a.ce rushed towards them from all sides.

They looked like a sinister evil beast opening its huge maw, trying to swallow the two up.

The four small golden sabers suddenly started dancing around. Beams of golden light formed a screen of sabers flickering with electricity, tightly encasing the scarlet throne.

The golden lightning saber screen silently cut the spatial storm into countless tiny pieces before the spatial storm dissipated. Then, the throne directly entered into the void.

Within the void, there were still cracks and strong winds surging out. There were still horrifying spatial storms in there.

As Xiao Chen sat on the throne, he unhurriedly waved his hand, and the four small golden sabers eliminated all these dangers.

When the fatty on the scarlet cloud saw this scene, it stunned him, causing him to cry out in surprise.

Xiao Chen traveled very quickly in the sky. Soon, he caught up to the groups from the Royal Courts. Occasionally, he checked with his Spiritual Sense and found the Great Qin Nation's group shortly.

There were quite a few familiar faces in the group. Xiao Chen checked on everyone's state in the group and paid special attention to Ying Yue's strength. Then he relaxed completely.

With Ying Yue here, the group from the Great Qin Nation would be safe.

With nothing to worry about, Xiao Chen increased his speed to an alarming level. The horrifying spatial storms were like toys to him. As he flicked his fingers, they shattered.

The towering Longevity Tree appeared before Xiao Chen's eyes. Then, he slowly descended from the sky, riding on the scarlet throne. He managed to arrive at the Longevity Tree before anyone else did.

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