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The people in the hall were all dumbfounded.

It had not even been ten minutes since Shen Yanxiao left, yet she had incredibly came back already...

"What are you all sitting here for?" Shen Yanxiao saw seven silly pairs of eyes looking at herself, and could not help but laugh.

Nangong Mengmeng swallowed her saliva, "Master, how come you are back already?"

"We greeted them and then went back." Shen Yanxiao sat down, feeling that there was not anything wrong with her return.


"Greeted them… and went back?" In Nangong Mengmeng's eyes, her master's practice was really hard to guess. She thought Shen Yanxiao really wanted to attend the banquet, who knew that...

If only Nangong Mengmeng knew what Shen Yanxiao’s so-called "greeting" was like, it was feared that she would directly prostrate herself before Shen Yanxiao in admiration.

Tang Nazhi and the others were not as simple as Nangong Mengmeng. They glanced at Shen Yanxiao and then looked at Qi Xia. They did not ask much.

Just by thinking with their toes, they knew that these two people’s "greeting" could not be so simple.

"Ahem. City Lord came back so quickly, did you see Duan Hen?" Du Lang cleared his throat. He still somewhat could not accept Shen Yanxiao’s vigorous and resolute style.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow slightly and vaguely remembered that when she was in the City Lord Residence, she saw Geng Di, Luo Fan, Long Fei, Long Xueyao, and an old man who seemed to dislike her very much. As for Duan Hen... Shen Yanxiao thought for a moment, it seemed that there was a young boy there with a low sense of presence, standing behind the old man, but she had not seen his appearance clearly.

Duan Hen was only a fifteen-year-old boy. This was not a mistake. The old man was not the City Lord of of the Twilight City, but he had appeared as the leader. Shen Yanxiao did not think about it at first. But now that Du Lang mentioned it, she felt a little bit strange.

If Duan Hen was really the one standing behind the old man, then the position of Duan Hen did not seem to be very good. At that time, while that old man was angered, he seemed to have no reaction at all.

"I did see him." Shen Yanxiao answered with ambiguity.

"Ahem. The time is not early anymore, we haven't started to eat dinner yet, you two are just on time." Yan Yu stood up. Everyone else from The Rising Sun City team had already eaten. The seven of them, however, wanted to gossip together. Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia left and went back shortly afterwards, so they certainly had not eaten yet.

"Ah-Yu, still the best. After we arrived here at the Twilight City, Ah-Yu hasn’t have the time to go to the kitchen after all." Shen Yanxiao supported her chin and smilingly looked at Yan Yu as he walked towards the kitchen. He was really a good guy ah.

Yan Yu went to cook their dinner. While Yang Xi gave him a hand, Shen Yanxiao and the others just waited to be fed.

Before Yan Yu could serve the food, Long Fei and Long Xueyao had found their way here.

When Shen Yanxiao saw the pair of father and daughter, she wasn’t that surprised. After the disturbance she had made just now, she estimated that the food over there could not be eaten anymore. Long Fei and Long Xueyao coming to find her was also expected, though she didn't expect them to be this fast.

"Lord Shen, I haven’t seen you for many days. I trust that you have been well." Long Fei smiled and cupped his fist in his other hand. He did not care that Shen Yanxiao was just a little girl who was even younger than his daughter.

"Lord Long came at the perfect time. I guess you and Yaoyao have not yet eaten tonight. Do you want to eat together?" Shen Yanxiao just happened to have something to ask to Long Fei, so she conveniently invited them.

"Better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously." Long Fei smilingly said. Compared to the City Lord Residence where he had to feign civility, now he felt much more natural.

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