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At the moment the two sides unveiled their magical beasts, the gap between them was revealed.

The highest level of magical beast on the side of The Rising Sun City was only the rank six mid-level magical beast under Du Lang's hands. The six wolves’ magical beasts were only rank five magical beasts. Then, among the remaining mercenaries, few only had a rank four mid-level magical beast, and the rest only had rank two or three low-level magical beasts!

What was even more incredible was that there were also a few people in their team who had no contracted magical beasts!

In such a game equivalent to a national war, it was almost impossible to see low-level magical beasts, but in the team of The Rising Sun City, the majority had exactly these low-level magical beasts.

On the other hand, the team of Magical Fantasy City was the complete opposite of Du Lang and the others’ team.

The ten people in the forefront possessed high-level magical beasts, while the rest of the members all had mid-level magical beasts. One couldn’t see even the shadow of a low-level magical beast.

The level of magical beasts would cause a huge gap between the volume and momentum of the two teams. Du Lang's magical beast was a rank six Liger Beast, which was twice as big as the average tiger. But compared with the high-level magical beasts of the ten people who were leading the opposite team, his Liger Beast looked like a malnourished and sick cat.

On one side was a troop of tall and mighty high-level magical beasts, while the other one was dominated by low-level magical beasts…

The disparity between the two teams was very obvious.

The first time when the magical beasts of two sides made their debut, the ridicule of the people towards Du Lang and others was immediately heard.

"Haha, that is the team of The Rising Sun City? Am I seeing right? My eyes are full of low-level magical beasts. Just what exactly is their City Lord thinking that she actually sent such a group of shrimp soldiers to fight in this game?"

"And here I thought that Shen Yanxiao dared to be so arrogant because she has a trump card in her hands. The result, she brought such a team full of of low-level magical beasts. How can this be even a game? Don't joke around. The Magical Fantasy City doesn't even need to let all their members join the fight. As long as the ten high-level magical beasts charge into them, I estimate that The Rising Sun City will not be able to hold their ground."

"This is just laughable. Does Shen Yanxiao think this is playing house? Low-level magical beasts... Haha! I have not seen low-level magical beasts in this tournament for many years."

"That's possible! Isn't that Shen Yanxiao only fourteen years old? She’s still just a brat after all."

The noise in the venue almost all pointed to The Rising Sun City.

Long Fei, who was sitting in his own seat, couldn't help but frown after seeing the scene in front of him.

"Head, what is the matter with The Rising Sun City?" Qin Qiong, who was sitting next to Long Fei, looked at the team of The Rising Sun City inside the ring. He could see that most of them were mercenaries, and although their quality was not bad, they could only be ranked within the ordinary mercenary corps. Usually, such a team was almost impossible to see in this tournament.

Long Fei shook his head. He didn't know what The Rising Sun City was thinking. He had a good relations.h.i.+p with Shen Yanxiao, and he knew that Shen Yanxiao’s own strength was very strong, but…

The strength of this team could only be compared with the strength of a small team of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps; it was really impossible for them to win in this team battle.

"How are they going to fight?!" Wu Run coughed up blood. Just looking at the strength of the magical beasts of the two sides, one could know who would win; there was almost no need to fight.

"I don't know. Maybe Shen Yanxiao still has a move." Long Fei frowned. He really couldn't figure out why Shen Yanxiao would send such a team to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament. Was she not intending to win this first game?

Long Fei, who held thousands of mercenaries, wouldn’t be able to understand Shen Yanxiao's distressing lack of manpower.

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