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"Vicious Wolf, Demon Wolf... You six, listen to me, as soon as the battle starts, you will join me to fight those ten people out of the game first." Du Lang was surprisingly calm at this moment; he had already determined that their team was at a disadvantage. The only thing they could do was to exactly fight by the rules of the game, to force the other party out of the ring at all costs.

The strongest on the opposite side were the ten men who were leading the high-level magical beasts. If they wouldn’t be able to take care them first, the ones behind those men wouldn’t have to fight anymore. Just the ten high-level magical beasts were enough to defeat Du Lang’s team.

"Yes!" The six wolves shouted loudly and their eyes were burning with the flames of war.

The gong signalling the start of the battle sounded at this moment. The two sides immediately took action almost at the same time. Shen Yanxiao’s heart also jumped!

The people from the two sides had not been in contact yet, but the their magical beasts had already met one another. In the blink of an eye, almost 200 magical beasts were intertwined in the ring, and various kinds of roars sounded through the sky!

The ten high-level magical beasts of Magical Fantasy City were like ten rampaging behemoths, directly hitting more than 30 low-level magical beasts in the face!

The difference in level was very apparent.

The people of Magical Fantasy City and Twilight City smugly smiled while the people of The Rising Sun City and Blizzard City were covered with cold sweat for Du Lang and the others inside the ring.

"Everyone, let all your magical beasts resist the ten high-level magical beasts! At all costs!" Du Lang decisively issued an order. They must withstand the impact of the ten high-level magical beasts no matter what; otherwise, once they let them into the crowd, the number of active Cave Wolves mercenaries would definitely be greatly reduced in an instant.

With the order of Du Lang, all the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps instructed their own magical beasts to rush to the ten high-level magical beasts. However, how could some small low-level magical beasts be the opponent of high-level magical beasts? One low-level magical beast was. .h.i.t and blasted away, and a large number of low-level magical beasts bathed in a river of blood under the hands of the high-level magical beasts.

In just the blink of an eye, the blood of magical beasts from the team of The Rising Sun City painted the entire ring red, but not a single magical beast retreated; no one had betrayed the order of their masters.

Because of the contract between magical beasts and human being, coupled with their long-standing companions.h.i.+p with their masters, the magical beasts would never question their master's orders. Even if they knew that their a.s.sault would only result to death, they would march forward and never step back.

The Rising Sun City lost a ma.s.sive number of magical beasts, and the people from both sides stationed on the rear had now collided together. All the remaining low-level magical beasts were used to deal with the high-level magical beasts. The Cave Wolves mercenaries could now only face the enemies and those mid-level magical beasts’ attacks.

Watching as their own magical beasts died under the claws of the high-level magical beasts, the eyes of the Cave Wolves mercenaries had long turned red.

These were their comrades who had been with them for many years; they accompanied them until their adulthood.

But they couldn’t afford to lose. They were representing The Rising Sun City; they were representing the glory of The Rising Sun City in this first battle. If they were defeated here, then the people of The Rising Sun City would not be able to raise their heads high again!

"Vicious Wolf, Gray Wolf, come with me! Mild Wolf in the back, Wild Wolf, Fire Wolf and Demon Wolf in the middle, wait for an opportunity!" Du Lang, holding a long sword, rushed forward to an enemy together with Vicious Wolf who was a Knight, and Gray Wolf who was also a Swordsman.

The man was still admiring the scene of his own magical beast slaughtering low-level magical beasts. Suddenly he saw three figures rus.h.i.+ng in front of him. In a flash, Du Lang, Vicious Wolf and Gray Wolf had sealed all his retreat. Demon Wolf, who was ten steps away, immediately chanted a high-level magic.

The man's companion immediately wanted to come to support his comrade, but Wild Wolf and Fire Wolf, who had been prepared, immediately took out their bow this time and shot their arrows at him, blocking his path back.

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