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Shen Yanxiao and the others quickly transferred the Cave Wolves mercenaries to their residence. However, as soon as they stepped into their place, the Cave Wolves mercenaries could no longer hold back their tears and started crying. 

They could no longer summon their former partners. They had forever lost their own magical beasts. They felt like their hearts were being pierced with knives. In the venue, they had been representing The Rising Sun City’s glory so they could not cry in front of the crowd. However, once they got back inside their room, they could finally let out the grief that they had been containing inside their hearts.

A group of men who were covered in wounds cried like helpless children. Such a scene could really break the hearts of those who saw them.

Shen Yanxiao’s face was pale. She immediately asked people to get all the doctors in the Twilight City. Treating the wounds of the Cave Wolves mercenaries could not be delayed any longer, especially for the seven wolves who had all fainted, and whose bodies were becoming more and more cold as time went by. Shen Yanxiao did not dare to delay their treatment any second longer.

She took out all the potions she had brought that would be used for them and followed Yan Yu, who was in charge of giving them first aid.

Fortunately, even though the battle wherein the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had partic.i.p.ated was fierce, because of Du Lang’s strategic arrangement, no one had died.

No one had lost their life in the ring, so now that they managed to return back alive, Shen Yanxiao would be even less likely to allow them to get into any accident.

Almost all the doctors in the Twilight City had been invited to their place. Shen Yanxiao immediately slammed the money on them and ordered them to heal the injuries of the mercenaries by all possible means. And if they needed any precious medicines, as long as they could find it in the Twilight City, then they should also buy it right away. Before Shen Yanxiao could say anything further, a group of people had already rushed to buy medicines. 

Yan Yu coordinated with the doctors to treat the Cave Wolves mercenaries’ injuries, while Shen Yanxiao took care of the rest.

The injuries on the dozens of villagers were very light. There were no major problems after properly bandaging their wounds; however, they felt very ashamed as they stood in front of Shen Yanxiao.

"City Lord... We let you down, we were not able to help our brothers in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps." A big man said with great difficulty. His head was facing the floor as he said those words in a depressed tone. 

“We are all useless, we even need to be protected by our brothers." The simple hearts of this group of villagers felt that they had become a burden for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. They all looked at the injured Cave Wolves mercenaries that were lying on the beds; they could not help but feel as if their hearts were being cut by knives. 

If only they were more powerful, then a lot of their brothers would not be suffering from injuries. 

Shen Yanxiao started to pacify them, "You have done a good job. If you didn't knock those people from the Magical Fantasy City out of the ring, then we would have lost this battle.” She originally thought that these people could not do much in the battle; who would have thought that they would actually become the final counterattack. 

The people selected by Uncle Jiu all seemed to be physically strong, and Shen Yanxiao noticed that they were physically strong to the point that an ordinary attack would not harm them at all. Moreover, they were unusually powerful.

The bodies of these people were probably integrated with dragons’ blood. 

"But..." The villagers still wanted to speak but they were stopped by Shen Yanxiao. 

"If deep inside your heart, you feel ashamed about what happened today, then once we go back to The Rising Sun City, I will teach you all about magic and dou qi. If you become strong in the future, then you will not encounter what you’ve experienced in today’s battle again.” Shen Yanxiao had already pondered over it a long time before making this decision. She previously did not teach them magic and dou qi since they wanted to live like ordinary people; however, she was afraid that The Rising Sun City could not afford to have any ordinary people that did not have strength to truss a chicken.

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