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Note: Bounty Hall previously called Golden Palace Hall.

"Most of the high-level magical beasts are living in the mountains far from people. It may not be difficult to find them. It’s just that the strength of the high-level magical beasts is also quite formidable. It will take some effort to capture them." Li Xiaowei knew that Shen Yanxiao’s decision could not be changed anymore so he just answered her directly.

"Maybe you can try buying them? I think that the Bounty Hall in the north of the Long Xuan Empire may have the capability to get many magical beasts." Tang Nazhi suggested.

"The Bounty Hall?" This was the second time Shen Yanxiao had heard of this place. The first time was when she heard of it from the mouths of the four animals, as a place to obtain the medicinal herbs needed for the Blood Feast Potion.

Qi Xia explained, "The Bounty Hall is an organization, or a trading inst.i.tution, where many hidden experts will place some valuable things in exchange for what they need. Simply put, exchanging goods. You can put whatever you think is precious in the Bounty Hall, and then you will choose what you want in exchange. If someone has what you want and wants to exchange for the items in your hands, the Bounty Hall will help you complete this transaction. You will then pay the Bounty Hall a commission after the transaction is over."

Many experts were no longer interested in money or jewelry; what they needed were treasures that were hard to find in the world. They already had a lot of treasures in their hands, and these were things that definitely could not be bought with money as well.

The Bounty Hall was an organization to serve these hidden experts. Not only the experts in Long Xuan Empire, but also those in Lan Yue Dynasty, Divine Wind Alliance and Seven Kingdoms.

"You can also post tasks in the Bounty Hall and find the people you need to help you accomplish it. There are many bounty hunters in the Bounty Hall. These people are not like mercenaries. They don’t accept gold coins as payment. If you can meet their needs, they will help you get what you want." Qi Xia stated the details about the Bounty Hall to Shen Yanxiao.

Bounty hunters were different from mercenaries. Most of them were acting alone, and they did not even have many peers. The strength of each of them was also around that of an Advanced Professional. There were also some Second Stage Professionals who would receive tasks in the Bounty Hall.

If one wanted to move them, one must see if the rewards to be given could capture their attention.

"It’s a good method, but we are not sure of what they need." Yang Xi slightly frowned. The things that could move these Advanced Professionals and Second Stage Professionals, even if they was not rare treasures, would still definitely be priceless.

"This matter is not urgent. Wait until we return to The Rising Sun City. First, I will find someone from the four countries to ask more details about the Bounty Hall. We can then discuss things again afterwards." Qi Xia smilingly said.

"But, even if you seek help from the bounty hunters to get more than 80 high-level magical beasts, I’m afraid that there’s still a certain degree of difficulty." Tang Nazhi muttered.

"There is another way." Qi Xia said with a smile.

"Tell us."

"We will capture high-level magical beasts by ourselves." Qi Xia stated.

"By ourselves?" Tang Nazhi blinked his eyes.

Qi Xia explained, "The few Mythological Beasts of ours have a great influence on magical beasts, and even without us, if you really want to capture high-level magical beasts by ourselves, I think you only need to trouble Little Feng to undertake this task."

Lan Fengli, who had been sitting silently next to Shen Yanxiao, suddenly heard his name and raised his head with doubt as he looked at Qi Xia.

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