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Early the next morning, the tournament venue of Twilight City was crowded with spectators. No one wanted to miss this most exciting game. The s.p.a.ce allocated to the audience in the venue was obviously not enough. Many people were huddled together, two or three to a spot. The number of people in the entire venue had reached a staggering amount, and there were still a large number of people crowded out of the venue who had no way to enter.

The game this time could be said to be the most important of the three games.

The strength of the City Lords represented the highest strength of a city. Who was strong and who was weak would also affect the course of the following game.

Blizzard City had already taken the lead by winning the first game. If Long Fei won again, the last game might not be held anymore.

Before this game, people had already inquired about the strength of the four City Lords.

In terms of personal strength, Long Fei, who was already a Second Stage Professional Swordmaster, ranked first; Shen Yanxiao, who had just broken through the second stage and became a Summoner, ranked second; Duan Hen, who was promoted to Advanced Professional, ranked third; and Geng Di, with his pathetic Senior Professional strength, was directly at the bottom.

But in this game, one could use magical beasts, and according to the strength of magical beasts, Duan Hen’s Redflame Beast and Shen Yanxiao's Vermillion Bird were both Mythological Beasts whose rank was quite the same and with little difference in strength. On the other hand, Long Fei and Geng Di's magical beasts were just high-level magical beasts, and with this point, they would definitely suffer some losses.

However, no one knew where the news came from but it was said that Shen Yanxiao’s Vermillion Bird had actually been injured a long time ago. And although his strength now was still stronger than that of the high-level magical beasts, it was not enough to compare with the Redflame Beast who was on his peak state.

As such, the chances of winning of Duan Hen seemed to be the biggest.

People knew that Shen Yanxiao's profession was a Warlock. The Warlock became Summoner after reaching the second stage. However, Warlocks had long disappeared from the Radiance Continent, so many people were not aware of the skills of the Warlocks anymore, let alone the Summoner. Many people were curious, was this Summoner really able to summon the phantom beasts from another world, and how powerful were these phantom beasts?

Rumors had it that the Summoner must possess a very tyrannical strength in order to summon an extremely powerful phantom beast, but this Shen Yanxiao had just succeeded in becoming a Summoner not long ago. They feared that she could still not summon a strong phantom beast.

The strength of Vermillion Bird was not as great as the Redflame Beast now. Although Duan Hen was individually weaker than Shen Yanxiao, in this game wherein the use of magical beast was allowed, the human strength had been subconsciously ignored by many people.

In addition, Duan Hen was an Advanced Archer. With the advantage of long-range attacks, as long as he could avoid getting close to Shen Yanxiao, there was basically no danger. On the contrary, he could also use the Redflame Beast to launch a long-range attack on Shen Yanxiao.

A large group of people a.n.a.lyzed these details clearly and logically. In the end, since they were also citizens of Twilight City, their hearts were still naturally inclined towards Duan Hen.

As for Long Fei, his personal strength was indeed the most outstanding of the four, but he lost in terms of the level of magical beasts. The difference between high-level magical beasts and Mythological Beast... the attention given by people alone could tell everything.

Geng Di was even more pitiful, being directly ignored by people. Anyway, for others, the Magical Fantasy City that Geng Di led had never achieved any good results in this tournament. They were basically at the bottom, and people had subconsciously cla.s.sified them as bystander.

Overall, Duan Hen’s chance of winning was the highest, followed by Shen Yanxiao, then Long Fei and Geng Di.

Still, who could be a cut above the other between Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen in the end would depend on whether Shen Yanxiao could summon a tyrannical phantom beast or not.

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