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Seeing Shen Yanxiao come back, Vicious Wolf was a little stunned.

"Why did City Lord return so early..." Vicious Wolf’s words had not even left his mouth before Shen Yanxiao had stepped onto the stairs, not sparing him even a sidelong glance.

"..." Vicious Wolf was depressed. And somehow, when Shen Yanxiao pa.s.sed by his side, he had subconsciously stepped two steps back and lowered his head.

This strong sense of oppression gave him a feeling of deja vu.

Before Vicious Wolf could figure out where he had felt such a feeling before, the five animals had already rushed back.

"Vicious Wolf, is Little Xiao back?" Tang Nazhi asked as soon as he entered the door.

Vicious Wolf pointed his finger upstairs.

"She just went up. Is there something wrong with the City Lord today? How come I feel that she’s a bit strange?" That always smiling tiger suddenly became a tyrannical dinosaur; her aura was simply unequally oppressive.

"She may be sick, we came back to check on her." Tang Nazhi replied.

"Oh, then please quickly go on." Vicious Wolf really felt something was off, but for a moment he couldn't think of what it was.

The five animals quickly went upstairs. Vicious Wolf thought about whether he should follow them. However, when he recalled how Shen Yanxiao had ignored him just now, he decided that it was better to not provoke more dislike towards him. But, how come the City Lord suddenly didn’t want to see him?

Vicious Wolf’s heart ached; it felt like it could not love again.

The five animals went to the door of Shen Yanxiao's room and knocked, but there was no reaction from inside for a long time.

"Little Xiao, are you there?" Qi Xia asked in a loud voice.

The room was still quiet.

"She didn’t faint, right? Let’s go in and have a look." Tang Nazhi had been reminded by his profound experience of Shen Yanxiao’s illness back then. He immediately prepared to lift his foot.

But at the moment when he had lifted his foot, the closed door suddenly opened up.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the five animals standing outside the room with a cold face.

It was clear that Shen Yanxiao was shorter than the five of them, but somehow, the five people were subconsciously shrinking their necks back when they had been swept by the indifferent eyes of Shen Yanxiao.

"Is there something you need?" Shen Yanxiao’s tone was cold and indifferent.

"Little Xiao... are you not feeling well?" Tang Nazhi swallowed his saliva. He suddenly felt afraid of this little la.s.s they had known for forever.

Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned.

"I'm feeling very good."

"That, let Ah-Yu give you..." Tang Nazhi still wanted to say something but Shen Yanxiao cut him off and directly said, "I’m tired."

In the next second, she directly closed the door in front of the five animals’ faces.

With a loud bang, the five animals had been isolated outside the door.

Qi Xia and others stared blankly at the closed door.

Just what was going on?!

They didn't offend this little la.s.s right? How come she suddenly became so fierce?!

Inside the room, Vermillion Bird, who had been staying by the bed, looked up at the cold and arrogant Shen Yanxiao. After a while, Shen Yanxiao’s figure stretched out and was gradually covered by a black mist. The next second, Xiu’s figure appeared in the room. 

On the bed, a silver-haired Shen Yanxiao was sleeping quietly. Her white skin had gone beyond the human range, and her pointed ears were half exposed in the long hair.

At this moment, Shen Yanxiao had become a beautiful elf.

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