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"This seed in front of you is your own source of life. It is still very weak now, but as you become stronger, this seed will take root in your heart and grow into a dense tree."

"You must remember that from the moment you have awakened your elf blood, you must protect your source of life. If one day it is exhausted, then you will be greatly damaged. Furthermore, when an elf's blood is awakened, the forces in your body that belong to human beings will also produce a certain amount of chaos. There is a certain repulsion between the power of human beings and the power of elves. You must learn to integrate them in order to exert real power."

"I don't know what your present cultivation is, but I have to tell you that before you can fully integrate these two powers, the part of you that belongs to human beings will be suppressed by your elf blood, and your strength will be reduced."

Reduced... Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded. She was aware that part of her body had some elf blood, but...

Her blood actually followed the principle of superposition? It was not one plus one equals two?

Not only did it not increase, but it would actually weaken?

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cough up blood. She had finally broken through the Second Stage Profession with great difficulty, don’t tell her that because of this elf blood, she would be downgraded!!!

“How can I integrate them?” Shen Yanxiao was laughing and crying at the same time. It appeared that she would become stronger after the two powers became compatible, but... what should she do before that? Moreover, she didn’t know how to cultivate the source of life of the elves!

She was a human, all right?!

She was a human being in her two lifetimes. She really knew nothing about the creatures called Elves.

"Every elf is baptized by the Tree of Life at birth. The source of life within the elves’ body is also a gift from the Tree of Life. Only in the place where the Tree of Life grows can you make your source of life stronger. Once the power in your body that belongs to the elves is enough to compete with the power of humanity in your body, you can then blend them perfectly."

"My child, I hope you can cultivate the source of life as soon as possible." Wen Ya's gaze produced a trace of nostalgia.

Shen Yanxiao bit her lip. The place where the Tree of Life grows, isn't that the home of the Elves? The Moon G.o.d Continent?

Shen Yanxiao pondered for a while and thought of another question.

"Mother, are you the one who put the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal on my body?" Was it really Wen Ya who had given her the seal? Was it to seal her elf blood?

However, the illusion of Wen Ya had revealed a trace of doubt. It was obvious that when Wen Ya had left this illusory image, she had no idea what the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal was, let alone how to use it.

If it was not Wen Ya, then who was it?

Wen Ya’s illusion was getting fainter. She stretched out her hands and brushed Shen Yanxiao’s cheeks.

"My child, I really want to see you grow up safely. Unfortunately, my time is running out. I hope that in the future, there will come a day when we can see each other again." Wen Ya's phantom gradually dissipated, and Shen Yanxiao's heart was filled with shock. Wen Ya’s words made her have a certain thought.

"Mother? You’re still alive? Where are you?" She hoped that they could see each other again. It meant that Wen Ya was not dead. When did Wen Ya leave this illusion on her body, and where was she now?

Hadn’t Shen Duan killed both her mother and father in the past?

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