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Because of the limitations on the range of her curses, Shen Yanxiao could not join this fierce battle.

"Vermillion Bird can't last long; we will definitely win this match." The audience in the venue was already a little excited. They were all citizens of Twilight City and they naturally preferred Duan Hen to win.

What was more? Shen Yanxiao had not counterattacked from the beginning until now. Vermillion Bird had already suffered so many attacks unilaterally; they feared that he would finally be defeated shortly.

"So, that Shen Yanxiao is just like that? And she actually had the nerve to bring two Mythological Beasts to the City Lord Residence of our city before so arrogantly. What a joke."

"In the end, she’s just relying on her Mythological Beast, Vermillion Bird. If you take away Vermillion Bird, is she not just a mere Senior Professional?"

Shen Yanxiao’s inaction led to the mockery of a group of people.

Those who had no apprehension had even sat down next to the team of The Rising Sun City.

Today, the Cave Wolves mercenaries had also gone to watch the battle, and hearing the people’s mockery, this group of hot-blooded men glared until their eyes were red, almost rus.h.i.+ng to fight with a group of people.

They would not allow others to ridicule their City Lord!

"All of you, calm down." Du Lang shouted and suppressed the agitation of the mercenaries.

"But Head, they said too much!" Vicious Wolf couldn't help but fume in anger.

"Sit properly, we must believe in the City Lord. Don't be influenced by other people's remarks." Du Lang stared at the battle in the ring. He had been in contact with Shen Yanxiao for so long and had never seen her defeated. Not in the past, and not now. He believed that in the face of any adversity, Shen Yanxiao could find a way to break through.

Trusting her unconditionally was what they should do.

The people of The Rising Sun City sat quietly because of Du Lang’s words. They secretly clenched their fists and looked at Shen Yanxiao in the ring.

That was their City Lord, their eternal pride.

"Keep pretending. After the Magical Fantasy City, I bet it’s The Rising Sun City’s turn tonight to go home." The busybodies, who had seen the people of The Rising Sun City calm down, did not bother to conceal their ridicule.

"Actually, if it weren't for Geng Di in the first game, I am afraid that they should have gone back long ago."

"It’s that, isn’t it? People are lucky, we can't compare."

The mocking words of the people rang continuously one after another. The people of the Twilight City couldn’t wait to see Shen Yanxiao in a sorry state, and The Rising Sun City defeated.

At the other end of the venue, Long Fei and the people of Blizzard City were watching the battle. Long Fei was full of doubts about the changes in Shen Yanxiao’s strength and was also worried about it.

Long Xueyao’s tense hands were clasped together as if she were praying for Shen Yanxiao.

"As I can see, it’s a bit difficult for Lord Shen to win this match." Sitting on the side was Qin Qiong who was intently watching the situation in the ring; he could not help but feel sorry for Shen Yanxiao.

How could a great Second Stage Professional become a Senior Professional?

If Shen Yanxiao still had the strength of a Second Stage Professional, it would not have been difficult for her to deal with Duan Hen.

"Let’s continue watching." Long Fei frowned. He had deeply experienced the fierceness of the Redflame Beast. In the game between him and Duan Hen, his own magical beast almost died under the poison of the Redflame Beast. It really made people feel frightened.

The flames atop the ring were dazzling. Duan Hen and the Redflame Beast launched a combination blow which almost pressed Vermillion Bird down with no way out.

Shen Yanxiao sat on the back of Vermillion Bird as she narrowed her eyes, her fingers touching her storage ring, and the corners of her mouth evoking a cold smile.

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