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"We don’t need to worry about these. The people of Twilight City will think of ways to deal with it." Shen Yanxiao unhurriedly downed a small cup of wine. She was not a tad bit worried about these matters.

She and Long Fei had each won a game, but Twilight City did not have any record yet. If the next game could not be “properly” arranged, it was estimated that Elder Wen’s beard would fall off in anger.

The people of The Rising Sun City bathed in happiness; on the other hand, in the City Lord Residence of Twilight City, there was a cloud of gloom.

After the defeat of the Redflame Beast, he disappeared to who knew where. No matter how Duan Hen called for him, he would not show up.

Elder Wen’s face was overcast with gloom, and at any time, there was the possibility of him violently walking away. 

While some people were happy, some were in sorrow, this was life...

After satiating themselves with food and drinking half a night, everyone from The Rising Sun City returned to their residence with their arms around each other's shoulders, and then lied down to sleep.

In the thunderous snoring sounds, the night faded and the next day arrived.

This was the last game of the Four Regions’ Tournament. Whether it was Blizzard City or The Rising Sun City, as long as they won the group battle, they would be the winner of this whole tournament. And accordingly, they could carve out large benefits from the other three forces. 

As expected by Qi Xia, Twilight City did not withdraw from the last game. In the early morning, Elder Wen was already sitting on their team’s viewing platform, wearing a taut face.

However, Duan Hen did not show up.

Everyone waited for the arrangement of this game to be announced. Everyone wanted to know how the three teams should compete.

But when the arrangement was announced, the whole venue was in awe.

Twilight City directly arranged this game into two matches beforehand. The first match would be played by Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City, and the winner between them would then compete against the team of Twilight City in the final match.

In other words, Twilight City skipped the qualifier and directly entered the finals...

This arrangement was really shameless. As long as one had discerning eyes, they could see that the Twilight City had selfish motives, an enormously selfish motive.

Let Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City be pit against each other first, while the Twilight City remained comfortable in the background. Wasn’t this letting the dragon and tiger fight it out, fis.h.i.+ng out the benefit afterwards?

If Elder Wen was still secretive in his tricks in the the former individual battle, then this time he was extremely brazen in his actions!

Even Qi Xia, who was like a fox, had to sigh at the shamelessness of Elder Wen. His skin was so thick that he could even take advantage of the power he held as the organizer for their own convenience.

Shameless, too shameless.

And his shamelessness didn’t have the least bit of technical content. It really made people speechless.

When such an arrangement came out, Blizzard City and the people of The Rising Sun City immediately rioted. On the other hand, the audiences who liked to talk on ordinary days were all silent.

Don't be ridiculous. They were also people of the Twilight City; they were not in a position to help outsiders. Although they also felt that Elder Wen’s arrangement was indeed a bit too obvious, in order to let their Twilight City win, these people directly chose to turn a blind eye to this shameless act.

In the venue, there were only around three hundred members of Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City present in this tournament. Compared with the citizens of Twilight City, their voices really had no effect. As long as the people of Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City protested, the Twilight City’ citizens would brush them off and look at them with a very disdainful look.

As though it were just natural for the Twilight City to abuse their power as organizers to cheat in the game, and the opposition of Blizzard City and The Rising Sun City was an intolerable matter.

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