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The Magisters from the Broken Star Palace were about to launch a counterattack, but then, arrows fell on their sides like rain. Li Xiaowei, who was atop the table, was aiming at all the Magisters of the Broken Star Palace; as long as they showed a hint of movement, he would immediately fire at them to stop their chanting.

Not every Magister could perform a lethal high-level magic skill without chanting like Qi Xia. They had to chant for a minimum of two or three seconds, but these two or three seconds were enough for Li Xiaowei to interrupt their incantation.

Unimpeded by the support of the highly explosive Magisters, Yang Xi shrouded in Yan Yu’s Sacred s.h.i.+eld was similar to a bulldozer paving a b.l.o.o.d.y road through a crowd. Even though the Paladins and Swordmasters’ attacks were fierce, it was still difficult to break the s.h.i.+eld set by an Archpriest in a short time. 

Moreover, Yang Xi’s actions were very smart. He was not attacking the highly defensive Paladins, nor the Swordmasters who had a good chance to obstruct his path. He focused on finding those fragile Magisters and Archpriests.

Even though the damage output of the Paladin was limited, for these two fragile professions, once they were hit by Yang Xi, the effect was absolutely enough for them to faint for a few seconds.

The Archpriests of the Broken Star Palace wanted to cast blessings and support their companions, but Yang Xi’s speed was too fast. His figure rampaged like a ghost in the crowd. Just like a falling meteor, his shadow could not be seen at all, only a silver light flas.h.i.+ng to one place to another.

Every time Yang Xi attacked, he would interrupt the blessings of the Archpriests. Otherwise, he would hit the chanting Magisters to the wall.

There was no need to mention how ferocious the scene was.

Senior Brother Qian watched this outrageous scene in front of him, and he hated that he could not get his eyes any more wide.

The strength of these little devils, aside from that Great Magister, was no doubt at the primary level of the Second Stage Profession, but why did each of them seem to have characteristics far beyond that?

Yang Xi was a Paladin, but he was moving even faster than a Paladin with a mount. It was not that the Paladins of the Broken Star Palace were incompetent, but rather they could not keep up with Yang Xi’s speed; even their mounts wouldn’t be able to. Even if they struggled to chase after him, the effect of the Ice and Snow Rainfall was slowing down their speed. Furthermore, they were not as fast as Yang Xi in the first place, so they were basically being sprinted past by Yang Xi, and could only helplessly watch as their own Magisters were turned upside down by him. They couldn’t even spit out the blood stuck in their throats.

They couldn't wait to immediately snarl at that teenager: We dare you not to bully the fragile ones, and let us see if you have the ability to hit us, ah! Dammit, running so fast?! Were you a lightning rat in your past life ah?! As a Paladin, does your mount know that you are running so fast without it?!!

The Archpriests that were targeted by Yang Xi also wanted to cry. They couldn’t even bother to care for their teammates because they were already having a hard time protecting themselves. But what about the Archpriest of the other party? In minutes, he could summon out dozens of totems without his mana running out, and the thickness of his Sacred s.h.i.+eld was too abnormal as well? They themselves could also create Sacred s.h.i.+elds, but compared to the Sacred s.h.i.+eld of Yan Yu, the thickness of theirs was like a piece of paper, that Yang Xi only needed to pound against once or twice and it would already be reduced to fragments.

Looking at the Sacred s.h.i.+eld on Yang Xi’s body, even after the bombardment of the Magisters and Magic Archers’ attacks, they did not even see a crack!

Are you the Priest G.o.d’s son ah?!

The Archpriests were vomiting blood while the Swordmasters also wanted to shed tears. A Paladin with a giant s.h.i.+eld was enough to give them a headache, but what was the matter with the Shatter Cut and the giant sword of that other youth?

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