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On the second floor of the pavillon, Du Lang and others were being protected by the protective screen that Yan Yu had laid down. They could clearly see the battle below through the railings.

The marvellous attacks of the Phantom members in the beginning made them look silly.

Under a five against twenty-five disadvantage, this group of teenagers could still play so beautifully, which was simply unbelievable.

However, when Senior Brother Qian joined in, the situation of the battle immediately underwent a change. A layer of cold sweat could not help but slip down from Du Lang and others’ backs for Qi Xia and the rest.

"Head! Let's go down too! At this time, we can't let Qi Xia and others fight alone. We should not be here shrinking like a turtle in its sh.e.l.l!" Vicious Wolf gripped his sword tightly with his hand, watching the Broken Star Palace press back the animals step-by-step. He was already itching to rush out and jump into this life and death battle.

Du Lang’s expression was very dignified. He couldn’t determine the strength of the uninvited guests below at all. Shen Yanxiao said before that the people of the Broken Star Palace were all Second Stage Professionals and above. On the other hand, the strongest among them was the seven wolves and Nangong Mengmeng, who were only Senior Professionals.

The Senior Professional was like an ant in front of a Second Stage Professional; the former simply had no possibility of a victory against the latter.

For the first time, Du Lang had a slight hesitation. Yan Yu spent a whole day to create the powerful screen that was in front of them, and he told them not to leave this screen.

There was no room for Senior Professionals such as them to intervene in the battle between Second Stage Professionals.

Even if they did go, not only would they not be of any help to Qi Xia and the others, they would even become the target of attacks and become their burden instead.

However, he could also not just blindly watch his companions fight to the death while he himself was hiding in a safe zone.

Du Lang looked at the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps behind him. In those pairs of burning eyes, he could see their eagerness to join the battle.

Du Lang took a deep breath and finally decided to join the battle.

Even if their strength was lacking, they couldn’t just stand by and watch. Even if they could only block one blow for Qi Xia and others, they were still willing to do it!

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had never been afraid of death.

"Big Brother Du, don't be impulsive!" Nangong Mengmeng saw that Du Lang was about to rush with the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, and immediately hastened to step in front of the screen, opening her hands wide to block their way.

"Mengmeng, you step aside. We are all men, there is no reason for us to just watch as our companions fight a b.l.o.o.d.y battle in order to protect us. If we just stay put, wouldn’t it make us cowards whom everyone spits on." The expression in Du Lang’s eyes were very resolute. Even if he was to be killed today, they were not going to turn their backs on them.

Nangong Mengmeng bit her lip. She, who was the most impulsive on ordinary days, was unusually very calm at this time.

"Big Brother Du, you are not the opponent of the Broken Star Palace. Even if you go there and fight, it will only disrupt the cooperation between my other masters. Although the people of the Broken Star Palace are indeed strong, my other masters are not weak either. Please believe in them, they will not make unnecessary sacrifices."

"If you meet a mishap, my master will be hurt once she comes back."

"But if Qi Xia and others are injured, your master will be even more sad." Du Lang sighed.

Nangong Mengmeng said, "My other masters will not be injured, they are very strong. I’m sure their strength doesn’t stop at this point. Could it be that Big Brother Du is unable to see that in this battle between my other masters and the Broken Star Palace, they never fell into a disadvantageous position at all?"

"But, even though they are of equal level, the other side has the advantage in number, it’s..."

Nangong Mengmeng smiled slightly and said, "But my other masters still have their Mythological Beasts."

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