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Undoubtedly, he could injure her, but he could not touch her.

This way of spoiling a man’s appet.i.te in battle really made Senior Brother Zhou depressed to the extreme. At the same time, the smiles and ease on the faces of Elder Wen and Luo Fan also collapsed in an instant.

"Too shameless!" Luo Fan gnashed his teeth as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. He thought that Shen Yanxiao was done for this time, but he didn't expect this girl’s brain to be so brilliant. In such a fierce battle, she could actually think of such a method.

"Isn’t this bad? The attack of that man from the Broken Star Palace seems to be unable to reach Shen Yanxiao." Elder Wen was a little anxious. Shen Yanxiao’s counterattack made him very nervous.

Luo Fan did not say anything. He was a good Pharmacist but a full-fledged layman when it came to battle. Even if he now had any ability, if he really were to fight, he would only be a stupid monk who was unable to make any sense of the matter.

Elder Wen and Luo Fan’s mood fell to rock bottom. Long Fei and Long Xueyao, on the other hand, were stunned by the ability of Shen Yanxiao to adapt to the situation. Long Fei had many excellent archers under him, but only a few of them could execute such an incredible attack.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao was on the pa.s.sive side of the battle before. Under such a burden, she actually did not fall into a panic but found such a good method instead. Her mental state was really exceptional.

Shen Yanxiao’s attacks did not stop even for a second. She was practically returning all the grievances in her heart to Senior Brother Zhou.

Although Senior Brother Zhou’s strength was great, under the current situation, he was still pushed to the end of his rope.

He couldn't hit Shen Yanxiao, but Shen Yanxiao could easily shoot an arrow toward him. And what made people cough up blood even more was that there was still a Vermillion Bird next to her, making Senior Brother Zhou become extremely pa.s.sive.

He could not think of any way to change the situation.

On the other side, the other eight people from the Broken Star Palace had already fallen into a bitter battle against Lan Fengli. Lan Fengli’s power seemed to be endless; he constantly attacked the Paladin and Swordmasters in front of him. Though the totems in the hands of the Archpriests had not been destroyed, their magic was still limited after all; when the attacks of Lan Fengli became more and more fierce, the magic of the two Archpriests was almost exhausted. As soon as they could no longer bless the Paladin with a Sacred s.h.i.+eld,

their ability to block Lan Fengli would be completely gone.

Each of them felt afraid. Lan Fengli was like a peerless Killing G.o.d, plus there was a strong killing intent exuding from his body. Every one of his attacks was aimed at the opponent's neck or chest. As long as he broke through their defense, then the result would absolutely be their violent death.

The people from the Broken Star Palace wanted to cry. They had never thought that such a seemingly simple task would turn into such a terrible battle.

The fierceness of the youth in front of them had far surpa.s.sed any opponent they had ever encountered before.

As long there was the slightest slack on their side, there was only the road to death waiting for them.

No one dared to relax their vigilance at this time. However, no matter how much they persisted, their own magic and dou qi would eventually dry up.

After Lan Fengli attacked again, the magic of the two Archpriests finally exhausted, and the last layer of the Sacred s.h.i.+eld left on the Paladin was crushed by Lan Fengli. The next second, Lan Fengli’s right hand directly pa.s.sed through the Paladin’s light armor and into his chest.

Along with a shrill scream, Lan Fengli’s fingers clasped the b.l.o.o.d.y heart and his cold eyes swept across the group of people from the Broken Star Palace who were now like frightened quails.

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