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"Oh?" Shen Yanxiao faintly smiled. People could not tell what she was thinking.

"Since when has the Broken Star Palace been so good to speak with? They’re still willing to let me keep my life?"

The Second Stage Professional immediately said, "It’s true! We’re not lying to you! We don't know what the elders are thinking, but when they let us undertake this mission, they really did not want your life. They just said...  to get rid of the people around you, and to suppress you."

The smile of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth deepened. She did not believe their words, but...

The practice of the Broken Star Palace was really intriguing.

Not kill her, the mastermind, but kill the people under her hands. Why did she feel that this kind of approach was weird no matter which angle she looked at it.

"You really won’t kill me?" Shen Yanxiao’s smile became more and more brilliant.

The five people of the Broken Star Palace repeatedly nodded their heads. They believed that once they said these words, they could keep their lives. Shen Yanxiao was not an idiot after all. If she were to really to kill them all here, they feared that the crack on the bridge between her and the Broken Star Palace would also become big. Surely, she would not want to set such a terrible enemy against herself.

Shen Yanxiao put down the Purple Baron in her hand, so that the five people of the Broken Star Palace were greatly relieved.

Shen Yanxiao smilingly said, "Killing the people around me is no different from killing me."

The five people from the Broken Star Palace slightly froze.

The next second, Shen Yanxiao announced their death.

"Little Feng, kill them all."


The five people still wanted to say something, but Lan Fengli who had already arrived before them did not give them any chance to open their mouths again. In just the blink of an eye, five bodies had already laid down before Shen Yanxiao.

Lan Fengli was full of blood all over. He stood on the same place, watching the people who had been directly killed by him. When his pair of killing eyes landed on Shen Yanxiao, the killing intent in them faded away, and a clear and simple dependence shrouded his eyes again.

Whether it were a simple killing or an act befitting a Killing G.o.d, as long as it was her request, he would do it no matter what.

Shen Yanxiao sneered at the corpses lying on the ground. The people of the Broken Star Palace were just a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. When strength was in their hands, they disregarded orders and only thought of thoroughly killing her, but once they discovered that their strength was no good, they remembered to bring up their elders and made them into an excuse.

It was utterly ridiculous.

If she had not killed Senior Brother Zhou, she was afraid that they would not have let her keep her life at all.

Their change at the end was nothing but the weak’s fear of death.

Did they really think that all the people under heaven were the same as them?

That as long as they were alive, they could easily sacrifice the people around them?

Unfortunately, she had never been a generous person: she was very mean; especially when it involved the lives of the people around her, her meanness would make one’s hair stand up in horror.

Even if it were the most common person in The Rising Sun City, she would never allow anyone to take him as a victim.

The ten people from the Broken Star Palaces were all killed; on the other hand, Shen Yanxiao had no hair damaged at all. This kind of record was simply unbelievable.

Long Fei looked at Shen Yanxiao with trustful eyes, but more than that, there was a layer of admiration!

With only two people and one Mythological Beast fighting against ten Second Stage Professionals of the Broken Star Palace, they could still escape unscathed after killing them all. Even Long Fei could never execute such a brilliant feat as this.

With his ability, he could only deal with one person of the Broken Star Palace.

And that Senior Brother Zhou was not someone he could handle.

But Shen Yanxiao did it, and she was only fourteen years old!

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