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Was it another huge and mysterious organization?

Unfortunately, this time, no one could explain what "Phantom" was. Even so, in their minds, everyone subconsciously cla.s.sified it into the same category as the G.o.d’s Domain and Broken Star Palace.

Just as people thought that the battle between the Broken Star Palace and the Phantom would go on until daybreak, suddenly, a huge flame flew from the sky.

The crimson flames instantly colored the sky above Twilight City a fiery red.

The people on the ground looked up and saw a huge firebird, and on its back, the stunning Shen Yanxiao quietly stood with a smile on her face.

"What good ability the Broken Star Palace has! More than 20 people can't actually take care of my Phantom’s five people?" Shen Yanxiao's crisp voice rang out above the sky, and there was a deep pride in her sweet voice.


That same word once again appeared in the ears of everyone. All the people looked at Shen Yanxiao on Vermillion Bird’s back in shock.

Could it be that this extremely aberrant City Lord of The Rising Sun City was also a member of that Phantom?

Ao! Ao! Ao!

Just what the h.e.l.l was this Phantom?

People's curiosity about Phantom rose to the highest point, but Shen Yanxiao did not know about all this.

She was just condescendingly looking down on the battlefield below. She could clearly see who was in control of the overall situation. For Qi Xia and the others to start a tug-of-war against so many experts of the Broken Star Palace and still remain in an invincible position, their valiance truly made one's hair stand.

They were really worthy to be her family’s several animals, their fighting prowess was off the charts!

When Senior Brother Qian heard Shen Yanxiao’s voice, he quickly looked up, and seeing Shen Yanxiao’s unscathed appearance, he was instantly stunned.

"How could it be... How could Shen Yanxiao be fine?" Senior Brother Qian’s eyes were full of shock. The people sent to the City Lord Residence had totaled ten people! One of them even had the strength of a Great Swordmaster. Such a group of elites was tasked to deal with Shen Yanxiao, so how come she was in perfect condition in front of his eyes right now? What did this mean?

"Senior Brother Qian, did Senior Brother Zhou and the others fail their mission?" Another Magister of the Broken Star Palace looked at Senior Brother Qian in horror. The appearance of Shen Yanxiao represented their other companions' failure.

"d.a.m.n it!" Senior Brother Qian gnashed his teeth in anger. In this Twilight City mission, the twenty-five of them were clearly pinned down by the five members of Phantom while their other group on the other side seemed to have been completely wiped out.


Shen Yanxiao was just a Magic Archer who had just broken through the second stage. Even if she had the help of Vermillion Bird, it was impossible for her to deal with ten Second Stage Professionals of the Broken Star Palace.

Senior Brother Qian could not figure out what could have happened in the end.

"Gee, the Broken Star Palace really gives us so much face, actually sending so many experts. In this case, I won’t be too rude." Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, her pet.i.te figure jumped down from Vermillion Bird’s body!

However, just before she landed, she had already taken out the Purple Baron and shot cold arrows toward the several Archpriests of the Broken Star Palace!

From the moment she jumped to the time she was about to land, only three seconds had pa.s.sed, and Shen Yanxiao had incredibly released five arrows in that very short time!

Three seconds later, Shen Yanxiao dexterously fell on a broken rock. Her pet.i.te figure stood gracefully, her ruddy mouth with a proud smile and her black hair fluttering in the night wind. As soon as she raised her hands, an arrow was already placed on the bowstring, aiming at Senior Brother Qian who was fighting against Qi Xia. She then said:

"Today, no one from the Broken Star Palace should even think of walking away from here alive."

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