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Aeternatrix: The extra chapters, to my knowledge, are to be released on 31st (Halloween), so please no rioting, will update y'all if notified otherwise.

Within the Radiance Continent, The Rising Sun City in the Barren Land had already become the home of each and every one of them.

And after traveling far from home for a time, they were very eager to get back at last.

The carriages returning from afar slowly entered The Rising Sun City, and the residents of the city stood on both sides of the street. They knew that their City Lord had now returned.

The sound of cheers repeated continuously. Even though they still did not know how Shen Yanxiao and the others had performed, for the citizens of The Rising Sun City, they were worthy to receive a lively welcome as long as they had returned safely.

Uncle Jiu, Su He and Yin Jiuchen had already been waiting outside the City Lord Residence for a long time.

They watched on, waiting for Shen Yanxiao to appear. As a result, the first thing that was printed onto their eyes was a Vermillion Bird with a small pale face.

Vermillion Bird walked down the carriage with the help of Shen Yanxiao.


Vermillion Bird, who had suffered from motion sickness for a few days, vomited...

The expressions on the faces of Uncle Jiu and others were very distorted. They had cheerfully come out to welcome them. As a result, they saw the vomiting Vermillion Bird. They didn’t know if they should smile and welcome everyone’s return, or shed tears for Vermillion Bird’s tragedy.

"I will never... I will never ride a carriage ever again..." Vomiting in the whole journey, Vermillion Bird could be said to have been devastated. The scarlet eyes on his pale little face were suffused with tears of pain. His little figure full of grievances made people feel distressed.

Shen Yanxiao patted his back and smilingly said, "You have said this many times already."

But every time, he would still be stubborn and not return to her body...

Yan Yu silently stood beside Vermillion Bird. Although he was an Archpriest, he could only use blessings on human beings. For Mythological Beast like Vermillion Bird, his blessings could not do anything.

"I really mean it this time... bleeergh..." Vermillion Bird clutched his chest and almost cried.

"Really. Alright." Shen Yanxiao was basically coaxing a child, agreeing with Vermillion Bird.

Vermillion Bird looked to be suffering very much. The Little Phoenix on his head, learning Shen Yanxiao’s actions, also patted Vermillion Bird’s head in a seemingly very earnest manner with his two almost negligible little wings. Meanwhile, the Mini Dragon seemed to be very curious as it opened its eyes wide to look at the carsick Vermillion Bird.

"Chirp...Chirp..." Little Phoenix seemed to be appeasing Vermillion Bird.

“Guji?” The Mini Dragon had no idea what was going on.

"Chirp! Chirp!"



A mysterious conversation unfolded between the two little fellows.

"City Lord, you are back." Uncle Jiu cleared his throat and walked to the front of the team with Su He and Yin Jiuchen.

"We’re back. Is everything well in the city?" Shen Yanxiao asked with a smile.

There was a slight hesitation on Uncle Jiu’s face. He looked at Shen Yanxiao’s and said with a soft voice, “Some things happened. I’ll request the City Lord to go inside the City Lord Residence first before talking about it.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded slightly and glanced at Uncle Jiu’s appearance. It was obvious from his expression that some things had happened after she left.

"Big Brother Du, first take the brothers of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps to rest. Qi Xia and the rest, come with me." Shen Yanxiao immediately made arrangements for the people under her. All the way, they still had a hard time even though they were only sitting inside the carriage. The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps also had made the most sacrifices during this time, so Shen Yanxiao hurriedly let them resume their recovery.

The five animals, along with Vermillion Bird, whose legs were already soft from vomiting too much, and also Lan Fengli, entered the City Lord Residence together with Shen Yanxiao.

Inside the City Lord Residence, Shen Jiawei had been waiting in the hall. After seeing Shen Yanxiao, he immediately went down on his knees.

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