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Shen Siyu’s heart had been struggling all this time. When he noticed that Shen Yanxiao had started to recover, he clearly should have re-fixed the seal in the first instant. But when he saw Shen Yanxiao’s clear eyes and heard her call him Big Brother Siyu, he could not continue moving his hands.

Her smile was like a flower, cute and lovely. Being stared at by such a pair of smart eyes, Shen Siyu was no longer able to take action; he could no longer bear to turn Shen Yanxiao back into that stupid little fool.

He thought that perhaps this kind of Shen Yanxiao would still not attract the attention of others; after all, he knew how terrible this seal on Shen Yanxiao was. Even if she recovered her human power, as long as other forces were not awakened, those people would also not be able to guess that she was the baby of that time.

However, when he noticed that the first seven-layer seal, the first layer of the G.o.d’s Seal was fully unlocked, he knew that everything was nothing more than just his wishful thinking.

"With the awakening of your elf blood, the following seal on your body can't hold you back anymore. Everything in your body will slowly recover in the future. Little Xiao, you can no longer turn back now." Shen Siyu was struggling in his heart. Shen Yanxiao could not go back to what she used to be anymore. She could only move all the way forward, and there was no way out.

"Big Brother Siyu, those people..." Shen Siyu's words made Shen Yanxiao's heart shake. All the mysteries surrounding her had been solved with Shen Siyu's words and an idea immediately flashed in her mind.

"Are they Warlocks?"

Shen Siyu narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly.

Shen Yanxiao sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Have I been taken by them to do a racial integration experiment?”


Shen Yanxiao felt a buzz in her head. She had been very curious about why her body was so strange. Why was Xiu residing in her body? Now, a.s.sociating Shen Siyu’s words with Yun Qi’s, she finally understood the reason!

Yun Qi once said that before he left those people, he did something to the soul of the last G.o.d, so that the final fusion in their experiment could not be completed. Xiu’s golden eyes were the symbol of the G.o.d Race, and the G.o.d’s Seal on her body wasn’t just to seal her human abilities and elf blood.

If Xiu was that last G.o.d, then… he was the experimental product, that body extracted from the black ice at that time?

If that was true, everything made sense.

She was the same as Lan Fengli. In this way, she could understand why Lan Fengli was so attached to her.

Yun Qi once said that one race’s experimental product could be used on three experimental bodies.

The source of some races in her body should be the same as those of Lan Fengli.

Shen Yanxiao clutched her chest, trying to calm the shock within her heart.

"So, in my body, there are the characteristics of the eight major races?"

Shen Siyu frowned slightly before replying "I'm not sure. I took you away after they had experimented on you, during your observation period. At that time, when I was ready to take you back, coincidentally, there had been some accidents. There seemed to be something in your body that was eroding the fused soul. Those people thought that the experiment on you had completely failed. I then took you away without alarming them. Now, they estimate that you are already dead."

Shen Yanxiao’s mind was in chaos, and she tried her best to calm herself down.

Everything was already clear: Xiu was the last G.o.d, but... she had not completely fused with Xiu.

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