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"The War G.o.d can be regarded as a mixture of G.o.d and devil. It has the power of the G.o.d Race and the nature of the Devil Race. When the battle of the G.o.ds and devils had not yet begun, there were many human beings who had regarded him as a devil. But in fact, he is a Superior G.o.d.” Vermillion Bird shrugged his shoulders. Such a controversial G.o.d had become the key to the destruction of the Devil Lord. When human beings realized that he was such a great being, he had already fallen. Afterwards, stories about him could evoke praises and tears.

["Human? In this world, there is no such human who can address me as such for they are more willing to call me as— devil."]

Shen Yanxiao finally understood why Xiu said this on that day.

All the clues had already fit one into the other. Xiu... War G.o.d... Asura.

Shen Yanxiao had also never thought of this kind of thing. The soul that was living in her own body actually had such a shocking ident.i.ty. To think that he was the War G.o.d who had ended the Devil Lord and saved the whole world.

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly, waves surging forth in her heart.

"The War G.o.d... is really worthy of the greatest admiration." Vermillion Bird said slowly. Although he did not like the War G.o.d’s temperament, he also had to admit the quality of the War G.o.d.

For the sake of everyone’s life, he sacrifice himself to bring the Devil Lord into the abyss, to defeat the Devil Race, and to save the world.

"Yeah." Shen Yanxiao said in a low voice.

"Vermillion Bird, you know that the last G.o.d was the one who had sealed the Devil Race into the Underworld, right? Do you know which G.o.d he is?" Shen Yanxiao could not help but ask when she thought of Shen Siyu.

Vermillion Bird thought for a moment, "The G.o.d that survived in the end is apparently a Superior G.o.d as well, he seems to be...the Light G.o.d."

Light G.o.d.

Shen Yanxiao faintly smiled. It was very fitting with the temperament of Shen Siyu.

Light brought hope and future to people.

Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird chatted for a while more before she went to wash and rest. Lying on the bed, she closed her eyes and sank into her heart lake.

Xiu stood on the heart lake, facing away from Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the familiar back and her eyes carried a complex look.

"Xiu, do you know Big Brother Siyu?" Shen Yanxiao hesitated for a long time before she finally blurted out such a sentence. She really did not know what to say. After knowing Xiu’s ident.i.ty and knowing everything he had done, her heart was filled with extreme shock.

"If he’s the Light G.o.d, I know him." Xiu turned around. His golden eyes looked at Shen Yanxiao.

"Uh... that's good then. I was afraid that you two might be enemies." Shen Yanxiao awkwardly moved away her line of sight.

"You don’t have to be afraid now." Xiu lightly said. It was as if encountering an old acquaintance was just nothing to him.

"Okay." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head. She glanced at Xiu, and almost immediately retracted her sight.

"Big Brother Siyu said that I should go to the Moon G.o.d Continent as soon as possible. What do you think?" Thinking of everything Xiu had done for this world, Shen Yanxiao had mixed feelings. She hoped that Xiu could recover as soon as possible.

"Go then go."

"Then, Jia Lan and the others..."

"They should have a certain foundation by now. I will leave them with follow-up tasks. During the time when we are in the Moon G.o.d Continent, they can continue their training." Xiu had already thought about this problem. The training could not be completed overnight. Although he was personally training the higher demons, it was still very early for them to reach the level of his former army.

"Good." Shen Yanxiao nodded. There was some ecstasy in her heart. Xiu was once a War G.o.d, and his ability to lead the troops naturally need not be said. The soldiers who used to be under Xiu’s commands were all the most intense troops of the G.o.d Race.

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