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Bookshelves filled to the brim were laid out before her eyes, the books covered with dust as they calmly sat within the bookcases. It had been a long time since anyone had touched them.

Shen Yanxiao walked towards the nearest bookcase, then picked up an introductuction warlock book.

Since she'd already chosen to walk down the path of a warlock, she had to be steady, and had to strike hard. So what if this profession was to be forgotten by the public; there would be a day when she would make this profession reappear on the Radiance Continent with glory!

During the daytime of the following few days, Shen Yanxiao basically only stayed inside of her dorm and gnawed on pharmacology books. At night, she would slip away to the warlock branch's library in order to steal to study from.

In the dead of night, as usual, Shen Yanxiao took advantage of the darkness to slip away into the warlock branch again. The reason she'd placed studying warlock ahead of archer was entirely because of the fact that the warlock branch's supervision was truly too lax. There was only that single old man looking after the warlock branch's library pavilion the entire day, which was an extremely convenient thing for her. In contrast, the supervision of the archer branch's library pavilion was much more rigorous. She'd stealthily gone there once, but there were still quite a few teachers watching over it, even though it was the middle of the night. Therefore, there was no doubt that she would first study the one that was more convenient.

Before Shen Yanxiao snuck into the Warlock Tower, she made sure that the old man who was in charge of overlooking the library pavilion was still doing what he'd done every other day she'd snuck in, which was quietly sitting underneath the dim lighting as he mended the warlock books.

Without any suspense whatsoever, she snuck her way into the second floor of the library pavilion. Shen Yanxiao had already been here ten consecutive days. With her highly retentive memory, she'd already memorised most of the books from this floor's contents during the past few days. Merely, she didn't have any understanding of the warlock profession. Xiu was the same. Without the education system, it caused her pace to be somewhat slow.

Picking up the curse book that she'd yet to finish reading yesterday, Shen Yanxiao nestled herself in a cozy corner and sat down.

A warlock's skills were extremely strange, matching numerous hand signs that couldn’t even be counted. Moreover, not only w their attacking style limited to slow-acting curses, there were even more special curse techniques that could cause other's strength to decline within a short time. In regards to stealthy people, this was absolutely a good thing, but the record for this type of curse technique was extremely scattered. Shen Yanxiao had flipped through quite a few books, but the number of practical curse techniques that she'd found wasn't many.

"All of these curse techniques have pre-cast spells as their foundation. d.a.m.n it! As of yet, I still haven't been able to completely find the spells required." Depressed, Shen Yanxiao tossed the book that was in her hands to the side, then proceeded to take another book from the bookcase, continuing her search for the skills she needed.

'The Warlock profession was originally anextremely complex profession. Moreover, so long as it's put to use properly, a 1-star warlock would already be enough to handle the joint efforts of three others from the other 3 profession. Why do you think that it can be so formidable? It's because of its extreme difficulty to learn.' Xiu uttered, placating Shen Yanxiao's mood. In fact, during the past few days, Shen Yanxiao had already learned quite a few things. Like the blood incantation category of curse techniques; this was already a cinch for her. However, these were merely single-based curse technique; Shen Yanxiao had yet to learn any combinational curse techniques.

"Were it not for grandfather having me attend the pharmaceutical branch, I would truly try to enter the warlock branch. In any case, if I had the guidance of a teacher, the learning process would be much simpler. " Shen Yanxiao was somewhat jittery, for while some things could be studied on her own, there were some that couldn't be.

In comparison to the circ.u.mstances gained by someone receiving guidance, one self-studying would clearly have a large disparity in their pace,  but she really couldn't find any reliable people that could give her guidance on the path of a warlock.

"If it really won't do, tomorrow, I'll go on a trip to the archer branch to borrow some skill books. The skills a warlock needs for a combinational curse technique are too disgusting, as they will frequently need 7 or 8 single-based curse technique. Where am I supposed to find all of theese?"

She was vexed, ai. Out of nowhere, she had the exceptional gift of dual-cultivating both magic and martial but because of not having proper guidance, it had made the pace of hers to be delayed. Her depression because of this was truly brought to the utmost degree.  

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