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Friendly reminder that Today's chapters begin at chapter 1143, this is chapter 1144

This unscrupulous little thief even dared to steal the treasury under the emperor's throne. What would she dare not steal?

Right after Shen Yanxiao departed for the Moon G.o.d Continent, the members of Phantom who were far away in the Radiance Continent silently lit three stick of incense for the elves of the Moon G.o.d Continent.

However, some unscrupulous thief did not intend to enter another’s home yet and bring disaster to the elves on the first day. Shen Yanxiao left the inn trying to find a place in the Fragrant Night City where she could buy food.

It had to be said that the shops selling goods in the elves’ territory were quite scarce. Aside from a few shops selling gemstones, herbs, and bows, there wasn’t anything else.

The elves were a self-sufficient race, they solved many things by themselves. Moreover, the ranks of elves in the cyan-level cities were very low, so they had only a few sources of income. The financial requirement of each elf was supported by their tribe. Regardless of the level of the city in which they were located, the tribe leaders standing in the most upper city would send people of their tribe a monthly distribution of clothing and a small amount of crystal coins.

But the crystal coins that the low-level elves would get were very few; mostly, only enough for them to maintain a month's food supply. The upper cities might be prosperous, but the cyan-level cities could be said to be equivalent to human slums.

Who would count on these elves who could barely live to have luxuries in their homes?

It was already good for them to be able to eat!

The elves were very haughty, but they didn’t have the brains for business. Their thinking was very simple. They thought that money and business was quite tasteless, so they were not very happy to develop these kind of things.

After the opening of the trade route between merchants and elves, some of the elves who had flexible minds began to plan to partake in the trading business.

But before this, it was normal to guess that one would not be able to find a shop in any city.

After Shen Yanxiao strolled for a long time, she found a stand selling fruit at the end of a street. The elf selling fruit was a very young elf, who looked like a five or six year old human child.

The little elf watched her kin coming and going before her watery big eyes. She was sitting on a small wooden box, her white and tender legs were together, and her two small hands cleverly rested on her knees. Although she was not saying anything, her big eyes were full of longing.

She seemed to be silently begging the pa.s.sing elves to patronize her stand.

Shen Yanxiao covered her stomach as she walked over to the fruit stand. She had to say that the food of the elves was really very simple. The only place in the entire city where one could buy food was full of various fruits. Rice noodles? It was absolutely nonexistent!

The fruits in Moon G.o.d Continent were very exquisite; they looked very delicious. Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the fruit stand, looking at the several fruits that had the same color of apples, but a shape more similar to oranges. She was considering whether she should try one.

"How much is this?" Shen Yanxiao hesitated for a long time before pointing to the strange-looking fruit.

The little elf’s eyes immediately showed a bright light. She very excitedly jumped off the wooden box. Unfortunately, her legs were too short, and she flew straight forward due to her frantic actions.

Shen Yanxiao’s subconsciously steadied the little elf.

The little elf gasped for a breath as she raised her head. Her frightened white little face was flushed red. She looked at Shen Yanxiao with a somewhat frightened look and said with her small mouth, "Ten... ten fruits, cost just one crystal coin."

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