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Shen Yanxiao took the few bags of fruit and returned to the inn where she was staying at. Vermillion Bird and the two adorably stupid little ones were sitting at the table and recuperating.

Shen Yanxiao took out three fruits from one of the cloth bags and threw them to the three. She then took another fruit and went to the bed to cultivate.

"Yue Xi said that this fruit is only available in the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe. Xiu, what do you think?" Shen Yanxiao still did not give up on finding the truth about the fruit.

'Before, I’ve heard that there are some strange fruit trees growing near the Tree of Life. These fruit trees nourished by the Tree of Life have some special effects. The fruit of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe is probably given out by the Elf King. If you want to get more of it, either buy it from other tribes or go to Moons.h.i.+ne City as soon as possible.' Xiu responded.

"It actually seems interesting to be the Elf King’s guard ah." Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. After deducting the time for other things, if she could immediately enter the Moons.h.i.+ne City as a guard, she would have five months to completely solve the seal on her body.

As for not being able to arbitrarily leave afterwards...

If she couldn’t as an elf, couldn’t she still change back to being a human?

An unscrupulous thief who had not yet become a guard had already started thinking about how to cheat a group of pure elves.

Shen Yanxiao opened her eyes and looked at the three adorably stupid little ones who had already eaten the fruit. She asked casually, "Do you have any special feeling after eating the fruit? Has your absorption of the Tree of Life’s power became faster?"

Vermillion Bird shook his head, after which the Mini Dragon and the Little Phoenix also shook their heads together.

Apparently, the fruit was only effective for the elves. Shen Yanxiao felt a bit regretful. It would be good if this thing also had an effect on the three adorably stupid creatures.

"By the way, I have to leave for a while after five days. Vermillion Bird, stay and take care of them both here in Fragrant Night City. I will bring a few friends over in two days. If you have any needs, you can go directly to them." Shen Yanxiao tried to arrange everything before she entered the training camp.

Vermillion Bird had an “I’m used to it” expression on. Shen Yanxiao would disappear rather regularly so he was already calm about it.

"How long will you be gone?"

"Half a year or so." After half a year, she would come out of the training camp and would find a way to get Vermillion Bird and the two stuffed toys by her side.

"Then have a pleasant journey, remember to write back." Vermillion Bird waved his hand with insincerity.

"..." Shen Yanxiao decided not to give them fruit to eat tonight, this group of ingrates.


The rest of the five days, Shen Yanxiao had been working hard, eating the fruit and cultivating. Finally, on the fifth night, there was a small change in the source of life in her body. The originally small seed, after a few days, had begun to sprout.

The change in her source of life also brought great changes to Shen Yanxiao. In the evening, the first layer of her elf seal had been quietly unlocked...

The unlocked layer of the seal did not bring any changes to Shen Yanxiao's body, but she clearly felt that the magic that belonged to her human side had been restored a bit. If she were to guess, her Warlock strength had now been restored to the level of Advanced Warlock from her downgraded strength of Senior Warlock!

On the other hand, there was no special result on her Archer profession.

When the sunlight fell to the ground on the sixth day, Shen Yanxiao packed up some things, left the inn in the bright morning, and walked over to the registration point of the training camp.

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