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The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth twitched slightly. Was the fact that her family’s Third Uncle had courted disaster really known by everyone?

"Sort of." Shen Yanxiao answered and suppressed her inner depression.

"All right then." Without saying anything further, Mo Yu once again took Shen Yanxiao into the yellow-level city. They hired two griffins at the flight point of the yellow-level city, and after Shen Yanxiao sat on one, they immediately flew towards the Jadeite City.

The griffin was the most common flying mount in the Moon G.o.d Continent. Although the area of the Moon G.o.d Continent was not as vast as the Radiance Continent, it also took a long time to pa.s.s through each city. But with a flying mount, things would be much faster. 

Both Mo Yu and Shen Yanxiao wore high-level badges; even if they pa.s.sed through high-level cities, they would not be blocked by the enchantment in the sky.

It could be said that they were unimpeded all the way.

Shen Yanxiao, who was accustomed to sitting on Vermillion Bird’s back, only thought that the flight speed of this griffin was really slow. Along the way, there was no shortage of scenery to look at.

There were so many beautiful sights in the Moon G.o.d Continent. Beneath this sky, everything on the ground was extremely gorgeous. 

On the way, Shen Yanxiao and Mo Yu rested for one night in a red-level city. On the third day, they finally arrived at Jadeite City, a white-level city!

Jadeite City was generally its name. All the buildings were made of translucent green jade. Compared with the simple architecture of Fragrant Night City, the Jadeite City appeared very luxurious. Even the great Imperial Cities of the Radiance Continent were hardly comparable to this white-level city.

The elves had a natural advantage in aesthetics. The Jadeite City was very beautiful everywhere you looked.

The two griffins landed at the flight point of the Jadeite City, after which Shen Yanxiao and Mo Yu dismounted.

"I’ll take you to a place you can stay at while I handle your entry to the advanced training camp." Shen Yanxiao could be said to have leapfrogged into the advanced training camp. No matter how amazing her talent was, she was still just a cyan elf after all. Although Mo Yu could freely take Shen Yanxiao to the white-level cities, to enter the advanced training camp in the black city, it was necessary to go through a lot of procedures.

Not to mention that Mo Yu only had one black badge, it would be already difficult to convince the elves of the advanced training camp to accept Shen Yanxiao.

"Good." Shen Yanxiao answered without being long-winded.

Mo Yu found an inn in Jadeite City, where he let Shen Yanxiao stay for the time being. He then told Shen Yanxiao that a week later, he would come to tell her the result. During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao was free to wander around the Jadeite City.

Mo Yu also told Shen Yanxiao where Shen Jing was being detained and handed over more than one hundred crystal coins to Shen Yanxiao before leaving.

More than one hundred crystal coins was a big fortune for ordinary elves, but for someone who squandered money like dirt such as Shen Yanxiao...

It was not enough to fill the gap between her teeth.

After Mo Yu left, Shen Yanxiao did not leave the inn immediately. She sat on the bed and tried to work with the source of life in her body.

The Moons.h.i.+ne City where the Tree of Life was located and the white-level cities were separated by the black-level cities. Still, the power of the Tree of Life here was extremely abundant.

Shen Yanxiao could not wait to absorb the power of the Tree of Life that permeated the air. This surging feeling made the source of life in her body madly grow.

As Mo Yu speculated, Shen Yanxiao’s absorption of this life force had reached the point where no one had ever come before!

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