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"I wonder what kind of gems does our dear customer want to put up here? And how many?" One of the white elves tried hard to suppress his inner excitement.

If the elf in front of them really wanted to put up gems in their trading house for sale, even if there were only a few of them, then they could attract some elves to enter their trading house.

"What is the difference between gems?" Shen Yanxiao tilted her head sideways. She was not sure whether the elves and humans had the same understanding of gems. If it was different... then it would be quite awkward.

One of the white elves replied in a good mood, "It’s like this. The purity of the gem will affect the value of the gem, and also the difference in size." The white elf took the gemstone hanging from his waist and placed it on the palm of his hand, then continued to explain to Shen Yanxiao,

"For example, this sapphire on my hand has good permeability, and its brilliance in daylight is also very dazzling. The price of this gem will be quite high. Generally speaking, those with brilliant colors are the top-grade gems. For example, bright red, golden yellow, and so on. Moreover, for different gems, the color depth is also very important. Such as the sapphire on my hand, it needs to be moderate blue, because if the blue were too dark it would be turned black; if it were too shallow, its l.u.s.ter would be lost."

The white elf paused for a bit then continued, "But the most precious gems are colorless and transparent, and gems with a little blue radiance are the treasures that many are vying for, but as long as there is a little yellow, the value will drop very low."

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head. This was the same as the standard in the human society; as such, she had nothing to worry about.

"I am not sure about the quality of my gems. It will be better if I just take them out and then have you see them for yourselves." Shen Yanxiao was too lazy to look at them one by one. She opened her storage ring and looked inside for the bags of gems.

The two elves stared blankly at her for a moment, then their hearts felt a slight sense of loss. Looking at this customer’s appearance, she shouldn’t have a good understanding of gems, and looking at her age, she should not be an adult yet. Such an elf would basically not have too many gems in her hands.

"Forget it, even if it’s only one or two, it’s already good, at least we can do our business." One of the white elves looked at his companion and comforted him.

His companion also nodded.

This was better than nothing.

However, when the two of them were silent and feeling sad, Shen Yanxiao finally found the first bag of gems in a pile of things, after which she reached out her hand and pulled it out.

With a clinking sound, she tossed the bag before the vision of the two white elves.

The huge cloth bag was thrown at the feet of the two elves without any care, making the two elves stunned.

Because Shen Yanxiao’s action as she tossed the bag was too rude, the rope that tied the mouth of the bag closed loosened, and the gems the size of a fingernail rolled out of the bag altogether.

There was a cras.h.i.+ng sound as they sprinkled on the ground.

"..." The two white elves were directly petrified!

"These... these are gems?" The white elf stared at the colorful gemstones scattered all over the place. Under the glow of the light-congealing crystals, the gemstones on the ground shone with brilliance, like the stars in the night sky falling into the earth.

"How... how could there be so many..." The other white elf swallowed his saliva. If what that bag contained were all gems, then... he dared to swear that the gems in that bag would definitely surpa.s.s the quant.i.ty of gems in all the trading houses on the entire south street!!!

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