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The two elves couldn't help but wonder if this young elf had robbed a dragon!

Shen Yanxiao did not rob a dragon, but the wealth she had in her ring was no less than the treasures in a dragon's lair.

One must know that the gems that she h.o.a.rded inside her ring had acc.u.mulated little by little from the time of her rebirth to the present. When did she not take the opportunity to steal a batch of gems? Every time she was done stealing, she indeed intended to save the gold coins, but as for the gemstones, they had only piled up because she had not found a good method to profit from them.

But now, there was a good place to use them!

"There are still some. I’m not sure how many are left but when I find one, I will send it to you again." Shen Yanxiao scratched her head. If she had known that gems were so popular in the Moon G.o.d Continent, she would have duly replaced everything in her ring with gems before coming here.

Imagine one hundred cubic meters of gems...

But, Shen Yanxiao could only think about it. Even if she were utterly rich, there would still be certain difficulties in acquiring so many gems.

However, one hundred cubic meters might be difficult, but one cubic meter was not.

"We understand!" The two white elves hurriedly nodded their heads, fearing that such a local tyrant customer would suddenly run away.

"You should first look at the quality of these gems, the price is up to you." Shen Yanxiao was too lazy to calculate these small details.

Shen Yanxiao was just being too lazy, but in the eyes of the two elves, they saw it differently.

This was trust!

She was definitely trusting them!

Otherwise, with such a large number of gems, who would be so casual as to leave the pricing to the other party, without even counting them?!

The two white elves, who had been rejected by their same kind for a long time, felt warmth in their hearts. It had been a long time since they felt the trust from their same kind.

Since that incident, the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe had become the target of scorn...

All the elves were full of contempt and discrimination against them.

"These things are to be sold by you here, everything will go according to your rules. I may have to leave for a few days. I request for you to help me buy some potions and bows with all the crystal coins I will earn during this time." Shen Yanxiao intended to use the method back then at the Qilin Auction House; the money she would get from selling the gemstones would be directly exchanged for potions and bows.

Because she really didn’t have much time to do all these things on her own.

"Of course, I will pay you the additional fees." Shen Yanxiao added.

"No! No! Dear customer, you are so kind. We are already very grateful that you are willing to put these gems with us for sale. Our share of the profit here is originally ten percent, but since you are so trusting of us, we will directly drop it to five percent." The two elves were truly very grateful to Shen Yanxiao. With the help of these gemstones, the Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House might really be able to come back to life. Nevermind buying Shen Yanxiao some potions and bows, even if she wanted them to personally create goods and formulate potions for her, it would be no problem.

Shen Yanxiao was frozen for a bit, five percent?

The elves were really pure!!!

If they were replaced by the profiteer Qi Xia, he would not let it go until she fell in a pit.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

"Dear customer, are you dissatisfied with it? If this is really not enough, we can extract only four percent of the profit." The two elves saw Shen Yanxiao shaking her head and thought she still wasn’t satisfied.

Shen Yanxiao slightly knitted her brows, looking at the eagerness and tension in the eyes of the two elves, she felt her heart slightly ache.

"Don’t make it five percent, I will give you a 20 percent share."

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