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However, Shen Yanxiao could actually absorb this sap of the Tree of Life and even in such a short period of time; this was simply unbelievable. 

Since the concentration of the sap of the Tree of Life in the test liquid of the white-level cities was higher, the spring water mixed in the test liquid was much less, and so it was more highly unlikely for it to create thick fogs and cover the eyes of all the elves watching the test.

Hence, Mo Yu and the other four elves were able to intently watch as the sap of the Tree of Life from the test liquid, little by little, went into Shen Yanxiao’s hand. 

In just a few minutes, the test liquid that originally filled the crystal basin vanished bit by bit until there was nothing left.

As of that moment, the entire crystal basin was very dry and did not have a trace of liquid inside. 

For a moment, except for Mo Yu, the other four elves who were present at that scene found it hard to close their gaping mouths. 

They were having difficulties finding the right words to describe how surprised they were secretly inside. 

They had finally understood why Mo Yu would take such a big risk just to send this elf into the advanced training camp! 

It was all because she really had such qualifications and had such potential. 

This crazy absorption rate that was much faster than all the elves out there and this instability of her source of life was telling them all one thing…

This was exactly the elf that they were all looking for! 

“Do you want to test anything else?” Shen Yanxiao took her hand out of the empty crystal basin. Her calm face looked around at the heavy expressions of the four elves. 

"No need." Mo Yan said with difficulty.

This fellow could even absorb the sap of the Tree of Life tree in the test liquid when it also contained impurities. In this case, the other set of tests they prepared could simply be abandoned.

In this scene, the happiest person could be said to be Mo Yu. He smugly looked at his four good ol’ pals, who all had horrified expressions. His two arms were crossed around his chest, wanting to infuriate them more. 

"How is it? I have already said that she had all the qualifications to enter the advanced training camp. Now you all know how great my vision is? Ah hahaha…” Mo Yu did not in the least bit hide his delight.

Mo Feng and the others speechlessly looked at Mo Yu’s triumphant reaction. However, they felt awfully humiliated not because they previously doubted his credibility, but because.. 

This Mo Yu’s personality was very shameful, they really did not want to tell anyone that they were working with such a lunatic! 

"Cough, Yan Xiao, your ability is truly extraordinary. We had never seen such ability, not since we were born until now. Since you have the heart to join the Silvermoon Guards, then we also hope that in the next six months after entering the advanced training camp, you will be able to improve your strength to the point that it can reach the qualifications to join the Silvermoon Guards.” Mo Feng went in front of Shen Yanxiao. His heart was filled with expectations for this elf. 

Perhaps this young elf’s outstanding ability was a gift from the Heavens for the elves. 

Maybe with her around, the matter regarding that thing could be… 

Shen Yanxiao’s perfect "performance" won the appreciation of Mo Feng and the other three elves. They all unanimously agreed to send Shen Yanxio into the advanced training camp. 

After having these five people’s “yeses”, it was absolutely guaranteed that Shen Yanxiao would enter into the advanced training camp.

However, entering the advanced training camp was just the beginning of Shen Yanxiao’s journey in the Moon G.o.d Continent. It was only when she had finally stepped into the advanced training camp that her journey would truly start.

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