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Shen Yanxiao’s mouth slightly twitched. She always thought that Tang Nazhi is a very aspiring boy. Today she found out he was much more than that.

Looking at a priest branch sister and drooling? That’s enough!

Tang Nazhi saw Shen Yanxiao had no reaction, shook his head and sighed. He looked Shen Yanxiao up and down, eyeing the thin, thin body.

“Too small, waaay to small. You do not yet understand the world! Wait until you grow up, my brother. I’ll take you outside then, let you feel the beautiful, gentle people…”

Tang Nazhi sighed again, not yet finished. Shen Yanxiao bluntly pried his fingers off of her shoulder.

This kind of man, just being touched would likely make her pregnant!

Shen Yanxiao has little interest in beauty. Qian Shanni looks diligent, that is true. Though really, if she likes, she can hold the mirror to her face every day and drool. It wouldn’t make any difference to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked to the middle of a crowd and quickly found a few familiar faces. She pointed to Qi Xia, Yan Yu and Yang Xi who were surrounded by many people. “How could the three of them have gotten so surrounded?”

Tang Nazhi glanced over and smirked.

“Why? Of course, all those people want to hold a golden thigh. Those three, their strength is clear and in the cla.s.s tests it becomes even more obvious. So other students naturally want to form a good relations.h.i.+p with them, hoping to get some help in the exam.”

Shen Yanxiao quietly looked at a few of the other branches, and saw some other eye-catching people in similar situations.

A happy school life!

Continuing to look around, she saw another crowd of people. A small few were in the center surrounded by many. “Who is he?” Shen Yanxiao pointed to one of the students in the middle of the group. He was wearing a bowman badge and appeared quite arrogant.

“Ah. That is the boss of the archer branch, Meng Yijun. The world’s number one fool.” Tang Nazhi hummed.

“That?” Shen Yanxiao pointed to the pharmaceutical branch, where a senior-looking student was surrounded.

“First of the branch, Shangguan Xiao. A complete clean freak.”


“Leader of the swordsman branch, Cao Xu. I am surprised he is still first.” Tang Nazhi said with disdain.

Shen Yanxiao felt that Tang Nazhi was plenty arrogant himself, it was still okay when he talked about Meng Yijun and Shangguan Xiao. But when it came to Cao Xu, Tang Nazhi did not even bother hiding a little bit of his contempt.

“I wonder what the content of the test is this year… In the past, each branch test had been independent, but this year it is different.” Tang Nazhi said as he looked around. Other than the beauty, there wasn’t much else to hold his attention.

“Did you hear any specific rumors?” Shen Yanxiao wasn’t sure why, but she seems to always feel that Tang Nazhi will have some insider knowledge about the Holy Roland School.

“A little bit. I only heard that students in various branches will cooperate. I don't know which group of people suffered from such brain damage. Each branch has a very specialized skill set… trying to put branches together? Chaos.” Tang Nazhi stated.

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