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It was like drinking. Some people could drink a few of beer as water; even a bucket was not a problem. However, replace it with something with a high alcohol concentration...

Nevermind a bucket, they would already be pa.s.sed out, even from just a small cup.

The tragedy of the elves was precisely like that; they had taken in a large amount of drink with a high alcohol concentration...

Therefore, they had collectively collapsed.

"If you want to improve yourself, you must understand what your limits are. Not every good thing is something you can all bear. Today is to give you a lesson, and to let you know what your limits are. In the future, when you enter the Pure Spirit Tower, how long you can stay and how long you can improve will solely depend on yourself. Only if you can stay in the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower for seven days are you are eligible to enter the second floor. Do you all understand?!" Qie Er said with a stern voice.

The group of elves, who were like wilted flowers, nodded awkwardly.

They were all top-notch black elves in the Moon G.o.d Continent, but they were all like grandchildren being admonished by their grandparents in this advanced training camp.

The most depressing thing was that they had no right to respond.

Forget about seven days, they could not even withstand it for ten minutes now!

And this was only the first d.a.m.n floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. How terrible would the following six floors be? They didn’t even want to think about it.

They finally understood why they had to cultivate from the first floor with the “weakest” life force. If they went to the seventh floor directly, it would only take a minute to get them to meet the elves of the past.

"Very well. You can return now, come back here in the afternoon and I will take you inside again." Qie Er finished his spiel and paused for a bit before adding, "Yan Xiao and An Ran, stay behind."

Qie Er's words made the other elves’ gazes s.h.i.+ft towards the two "strange flowers" standing at the very end. They didn't understand why Qie Er had to make these two strange flowers stay behind. But when they saw Shen Yanxiao’s and An Ran’s faces with no trace of abnormality, the group of elves had a ripple in their hearts.

Compared with them, some pale-looking, hapless eggs, Shen Yanxiao and An Ran’s white faces were simply different with their rosy complexions!

"Could it be that they are fine?" One elf stated his thoughts.

But very quickly, it was refuted by other elves.

"Are you making a joke? An Ran’s strength is similar to ours. If we can't stand it, how can he bear it? And that Yan Xiao is not even a black elf. You think she can endure such large amount of powerful life force?"

No one would believe that Shen Yanxiao and An Ran did not have any negative consequences. They were more willing to believe that Qie Er had them stay behind because of their hesitant behavior inside the tower.

Such doubt and distrust occurring in the advanced training camp was definitely not a good thing for the world of the elves.

"Forget about them."

The group of wordy elves was dragged by their companions to leave. Compared to discussing those two strange flowers, they were more concerned about whether they could stay longer inside the Pure Spirit Tower.

In front of the Pure Spirit Tower, except for the two Flaming Giants Apes standing guard at the door, only Qie Er, Shen Yanxiao and An Ran, who had been named, were left.

Qie Er stepped forward and walked up to the front of the two; with a trace of doubt in his eyes, he looked back and forth between Shen Yanxiao and An Ran.

"You two seem fine?" Qie Er said.

None of the elves who had entered the Pure Spirit Tower for the first time had come out safely. But now there were exceptions, which were these two. And it had aroused Qie Er's suspicion, whether there were elves who had informed them beforehand to not hurriedly consume the life force in the Pure Spirit Tower.

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