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If one was to use proportion in dividing one’s power, then all of the dou qi and magic that one had possessed would only account for 40% of one’s strength while whether the magical beast was formidable or not, it would account for 30% of the proportion and the remaining 30% would have depended on the sacred tools that one was possessing.  

Within this era where there was scarcity of sacred tools, the proportion of dou qi with magic and magical beast had already changed to fifty-fifty.

Therefore, for every single person, possessing a formidable magical beast had became the most important goal right after the pursue in cultivating.

Thus, it was no wonder that everyone would accept Shen Yue’s reason but among everyone that was present, there was nevertheless one person who was incessantly sneering at his statement.

That person was the main of this matter, Shen Yanxiao.

Since after she had entered into the main room, apart from Shen Feng’s first sentence that had mentioned her, it was as if this entire thing was unrelated to her. It appeared that as of now, this thing had implicated these two brats, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei. While it was within the bounds of what was to be expected, Shen Yue’s att.i.tude provided much food for thought

Based on the appearance, it may have seemed like Shen Yue was inhuman in treating these two brats by begging for forgiveness but in reality, this move of Shen Yue had nevertheless purged away the one possibility of these two brats that had instructed ‘her’ to trespa.s.s the forbidden area. In addition to that, this pa.s.sionate move would make them know the reason and would treat Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei as two people who had the mentality of vigorously improving one’s self by striving in raising one own’sstrength.On the other hand, this would have the entire matter’s target s.h.i.+fted to ‘her’, that person who had made use of this opportunity to trespa.s.s the dungeon.

That one simple segment of words could be expressed out by Shen Yue again and again with so many layers of meanings. This Shen Yue was seriously one who couldn’t easily be dealt with!

Shen Feng did not immediately gave his response on Shen Yue’s request but he was quietly looking at the two siblings that were standing behind Shen Yue’s back.

“Third uncle’s upright and plainspoken words have yielded people to admire.” Suddenly, a distinct bright sound had echoed within the main room.

The face of the juvenile was like elegance of a white jade. As he slowly revealed himself by walking away from his father’s back, he looked at Shen Yue who was filled with seriousness on his face with a smile. This juvenile was slightly older compared to the two siblings and the appearance of his surpa.s.sed Shen Jiawei by even more than one means. Carried on that peerless handsomeness was a relaxing smile that would make people unconsciously want to get close to him.

Shen Yue frowned in seeing that person but he was secretly sneering in his heart.

Shen Yifeng, one of the strongest among the third generation! With the age of barely 17, he had already stepped over the 6th rank of dou qi. Beginning cultivating the first 5 ranks of dou qi and magic was regarded as not difficult at all for the first 5 ranks of both sides were only indeed the beginning of cultivation.

When after one’s magic and dou qi had went up till the 6th rank, they had to carry out a selection in their cultivation path.

At the initial of rank 6, the cultivation in dou qi and magic would branch out to 3 different path of development.

Before rank 6, those who cultivated in dou qi and magic were called differently as magic apprentice and fighter. After rank 6, those who cultivated in magic could select in becoming among these 3 types which were a magician that was with the extremely strong attacking nature, a technique scholar that possessed mysterious incantation technique and a priest that sustained the divine power. As for those who had cultivated dou qi, they could choice in becoming a strong sword scholar, a cavalryman that possessed extremely strong flexibility or an archer that could take a man’s severed head within the thousand miles distant.

As for Shen Yifeng, as early as he was fifteen years old, he had already successfully made a breakthrough from the fighter phase and had selected to become a strong sword scholar. Now, with merely 2 years time, he had already became a 3 star Sword Scholar. In viewing this broadly since the Vermillion Bird clan’s lifetime, there was also only the deceased Shen Yu who had this astonis.h.i.+ng amount of innate talent.

However, it was a pity that Shen Yu had died an untimely death. As for the Vermillion Bird clan now, Shen Yifeng was nevertheless like a sun in a high noon and just like that, he had became the number 1 person within the younger generation of the Vermillion Bird clan.

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