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With the growth of her source of life, Shen Yanxiao's body had undergone a subtle change.

Qie Er had been staring at Shen Yanxiao, and watching the time, two hours had already pa.s.sed. The elves who had gone outside to rest for a while had already come back to try for the second time, and then left again. But Shen Yanxiao was still sitting in the same place motionless, and her face was light and clear.

Not only was Qie Er was shocked with this strange situation, even those elves who had gone back and forth felt incredulous.

They stood at the door and stared at Shen Yanxiao, full of astonishments and doubt.

"That little brat is not going to faint, is she?" An exhausted elf stood breathlessly in the doorway as he looked at Shen Yanxiao, and asked his companion.

"Who knows, she was originally a low-level elf. Even we can't bear the power here, yet she’s foolishly staying here for two hours."

"Does Qie Er not care about her? If she dies..." One elf was worried. He didn’t like Shen Yanxiao, but his dislike hadn't reached the point where he wanted her dead.

"Qie Er should have a sense of propriety, he must be letting this little brat suffer a bit, so that she can learn that the advanced training camp is not something that just any elf can enter, and leaving here early is the best for her."

The elves spoke for a while and quickly left the tower. They didn't want to spend more time on a low-level elf. They still needed to rest and go in to cultivate again.

Only An Ran, who was standing at the entrance with a pale face, was nervous for Shen Yanxiao.

Since Shen Yanxiao had entered the Pure Spirit Tower, she did not move from her spot. When An Ran came back again, he wanted to say something to Shen Yanxiao, but no matter what he said, Shen Yanxiao was not hearing anything; she wasn’t responding. An Ran was extremely worried about her, but he did not dare bother her.

Surrounded by such a strong force, if he were to disrupt the absorption of Shen Yanxiao, he feared that it might cause a heavy blow to her source of life.

An Ran felt a little uncomfortable once again and planned to go out to rest for a while. But he couldn’t stop worrying about Shen Yanxiao, so he stayed at the door for a while.

However, at this time, An Ran was surprised to discover that there was a glimmer of l.u.s.ter on the silver hair that hung loosely on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulders. Then, although he could not see clearly due to the fog of the Pure Spirit Tower, he vaguely felt that a glimmer of light came from Shen Yanxiao’s direction.

It was a faint silvery white, and it covered Shen Yanxiao. Under the mist, the faint light did not look conspicuous.

If it were not because An Ran had been watching Shen Yanxiao, perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to detect it.

It was not only An Ran who was aware of the abnormalities on Shen Yanxiao’s side, but Qie Er, who had been observing Shen Yanxiao, had also noticed the changes in Shen Yanxiao.

The faint light gradually spread outward, and the mist in the Pure Spirit Tower gradually gathered together.

In Qie Er’s awe, he immediately walked toward Shen Yanxiao. He wanted to know what kind of accident had happened to Shen Yanxiao.

But when he stepped into the fog, he clearly felt that the surrounding forces seemed to be attracted by a force, and all of them rushed in the same direction. The faint mist formed a huge vortex in the air. In the center of the vortex, Shen Yanxiao sat quietly.

"What is going on here..." Qie Er said incredulously as he looked at the mist on the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower and frantically walked toward Shen Yanxiao!

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