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But she did not think that because she had lost her sense of time, she had already taken an inappropriate action.

"I can already stay for an entire afternoon in the Pure Spirit Tower." There was a smile on An Ran’s face. He had been cultivating according to Shen Yanxiao’s instructions, and was able to stay in the tower for more and more time, surpa.s.sing the other elves.

An Ran was really grateful to Shen Yanxiao's support. If it weren’t for her early discovery of the situation inside the Pure Spirit Tower, perhaps his cultivation speed would just be the same as other elves.

"It seems that your source of life has gradually become accustomed to the life force in the Pure Spirit Tower. If you continue to cultivate, perhaps in the near future, you can stay in there for seven days and enter the second floor." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head and said. An Ran’s progress made her very rea.s.sured. It was still not good for her to step forth at present, so she wanted to let An Ran bring hope to the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe.

"Thank you for all this." An Ran smiled a little embarra.s.sed.

Shen Yanxiao just shrugged her shoulders.

When she was about to say something again, she received the spiritual connection from Vermillion Bird.

"Are you planning to just leave us here, not in the least bit concerned?!" Vermillion Bird directly bombarded Shen Yanxiao's mind with a roar.

Shen Yanxiao felt helpless. Although she was separated from Vermillion Bird, she had to contact him through their spiritual link every day. Although it was a somewhat non-nutritious practice, Vermillion Bird insisted on doing so.

However, when she entered the source of life, their spiritual link was cut off. Vermillion Bird wouldn’t be able to hear her, even if he called out to her.

"There was an accident." Shen Yanxiao said.

"You said that you will contact me every day!!!!"

Even though they were separated by thousands of miles, Shen Yanxiao could still feel the wrath of Vermillion Bird from their spiritual link.

"...listen to my explanation..." Shen Yanxiao silently looked at the sky, speechless. The fact that there was such a Mythological Beast with no sense of security made her feel helpless. Every time such a thing happened, Vermillion Bird would be as sad as a wife who had been abandoned by her husband.

"I won't listen!"

Not again…

Shen Yanxiao rubbed her eyebrows. This Mythological Beast must have all his hair standing in anger again. But when she was ready to appease Vermillion Bird, the door of the tree house was pushed open without warning.

Qie Er, with a cold face, was standing at the door, looking at Shen Yanxiao with a gaze that turned into doubt from the initial shock.

"Qie Er." An Ran stood up abruptly, Qie Er's face was not looking very nice. An Ran didn't know why, but he felt worried for Shen Yanxiao.

Qie Er did not pay attention to An Ran as he went straight to the room and came in front of Shen Yanxiao.

"Yan Xiao." Qie Er stared at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned, then immediately said to Vermillion Bird through the spiritual link, "I have some matter here, I will contact you later."

After that, she shut off their spiritual link.

"What's wrong?" Shen Yanxiao looked calmly at Qie Er, Qie Er's arrival was much faster than she expected.

Obviously, Qie Er had received the news about the Pure Spirit Tower, and thus he came.

"You just came out of the Pure Spirit Tower?" Qie Er asked with a blank expression.

"Yes." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

"In the past ten days, have you been inside the Pure Spirit Tower?" Qie Er asked again.

Shen Yanxiao hooked up her lips and looked at Qie Er then replied, "I just came out, shouldn’t you be very clear about that?" She doesn't like the feeling of being questioned by humans, same for the elves.

Qie Er slightly frowned, and snorted, "Very well. Then you’re coming with me right now; Elder Yue wants to see you." 

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