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"Can't you see? She has already entered the second floor, she's not the same as you." Shui Ling maliciously walked over behind An Ran and said with a sneer.

An Ran slightly frowned, not saying anything. He just looked for a suitable place to cultivate.

But no matter where he went, he would be excluded by the elves. Whether it was the center or the corner, An Ran seemed to have no place to squeeze himself into.

Looking at the more than twenty elves scattered in the Pure Spirit Tower, An Ran struggled to make progress. He wanted to find a stable place to cultivate, but before he sat down, he would be shooed away by the elves nearby.

"It's disgusting to be near a traitor of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe."

An Ran silently walked to the extreme edge of the room with a pale face, sitting against the wall.


On the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, Shen Yanxiao felt the power from all directions, and her source of life was growing wildly.

It was still the second floor, yet her source of life was already growing much faster than in the first floor. Shen Yanxiao couldn't wait to enter the other floors to experience the feeling of soaring all at once.

In the next few days, Shen Yanxiao cultivated in the Pure Spirit Tower on one side while absorbing the dark elements on the other side.

Five days later, the cultivation period in the Pure Spirit Tower was set in the afternoon of every day. In the morning, the elves would go to the training ground to learn archery skills.

In these few days, Shen Yanxiao always felt that there was something wrong with An Ran. His complexion was becoming uglier day by day. But no matter what she asked, An Ran just said nothing.

She also stopped questioning him.

The elves were born archers. Their precision for the target was beyond the reach of human beings. Shen Yanxiao had deeply experienced this point. After the awakening of her elf blood, the strength of her Warlock profession was greatly reduced, but her strength as an Archer became more refined.

On the first day of the training, each elf brought their own bow and waited for the start of the training on the training ground.

The bows in the Moon G.o.d Continent were not comparable to those of the Radiance Continent. Shen Yanxiao could roughly see that the bows held by each of these elves were not worse than the bows worth of millions of gold coins that she saw in the Black City before, and were maybe even better.

Each of their bows was inlaid with a lot of gems as embellishments. You could clearly tell that the elves loved gemstones very much.

There was not a single gem on Shen Yanxiao's Purple Baron, only crystallic nuclei, but before she came to Moon G.o.d Continent, Yang Xi had already transformed the surface of these crystallic nuclei to look similar to gems, as to not attract unnecessary attention of the elves.

The bow that An Ran held in his hand was much simpler than other elves. His red long bow only had two golden gems the size of a thumb on both ends.

Qie Er was responsible for teaching them archery skills, and his so-called teaching was actually just letting them play by themselves.

After setting up the training program, Qie Er withdrew to one side.

Shen Yanxiao carefully observed the way the elves shot an arrow, and found that their talents in locking on to the target were really amazing. They shot with great precision. Firing at the target a hundred times without a single miss was simply a child's play to the elves. She even saw that the elves showed similar tricks to the blasting arrows that Shen Yanxiao herself came up with.

Shen Yanxiao was not impatient to start training, but instead, she used more of her attention to learn the archery skills of the elves.

As a human being, Shen Yanxiao could use the dou qi of her body, but she was an elf right now. She must learn to use the source of life in her body to shoot the arrows.

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