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The elf took the Purple Baron and immediately sent it to Grandmaster Lan Si.

Shen Yanxiao continued to wait. Meanwhile, the elves who came to buy bows were a bit astonished when they heard the dialogue between Shen Yanxiao and the shop a.s.sistant elf.

"Did that little elf just ask Grandmaster Lan Si to help her modify her bow? Did I hear it wrong?" An elf looked at Shen Yanxiao incredibly.

Even though the Grandmaster Forgemen of Moon G.o.d Continent were not as rare as those in the Radiance Continent, Grandmaster Lan Si was still well-known to everyone. Although there were other forgemen at the grandmaster level aside from him, Lan Si’s strength was far above the others. It could be said that Lan Si's reputation in the forging world of the elves was comparable to Ye Qing's position in the human’s pharmaceutical world.

As one could imagine, there were numerous elves who dreamt of asking this grandmaster to create bows for themselves.

However, it was also known to everyone that every bow that Lan Si had created was outrageously expensive. Not to mention ordinary elves, even amongst the elite members of a wealthy tribe, only a few could afford the price.

Only a few high-ranking tribal leaders could reluctantly ask Lan Si to take action.

Moreover, when it came to Lan Si, in addition to the extremely high cost, you also had to look at his mood before you could ask him to create a bow for you. If he were in a bad mood, no matter how much money you offered him, he would never accept your request.

The little elf in front of them did not look like a leader of a high-ranking tribe in the least. Not mentioning the mood of Grandmaster Lan Si, they feared that just the cost alone was not something she could afford.

Moreover, what she wanted to ask him was to modify her bow, not build a bow. Everyone knew that the forgemen, especially forgemen with a very high status, did not like to modify the weapons created by other forgemen. Basically, forgemen above the master-level would not take over the task of modifying the weapons created by other forgemen.

If you wanted to make a change to your bow, you could only find the original forgeman who had created it.

"I guess she’s still too young to know the concept." Another elf on the side was not convinced that a normal elf could take out a lot of crystal coins for the payment.

"I just saw her bow. It looks completely black, and I have no idea how it was made, but it didn’t seem like it’s very expensive." The sharp-eyed elf noticed that the bow Shen Yanxiao had handed to the shop a.s.sistant was very inconspicuous. It couldn’t be compared with the beautiful bows in the shop in the slightest bit.

Even the gemstones embedded on that bow were dull-looking. They reckoned it probably would not be worth much.

They thought that even if one just randomly picked a bow from among the weapons in this weapon shop, it would still be more expensive than the one Shen Yanxiao had.

For just a mere broken bow, that elf actually wanted to ask the service of the most famous Grandmaster Forgemen of the Moon G.o.d Continent, which was really difficult for them to accept.

No elf would believe that Lan Si would accept this one request.

However, not long after, the elf overseeing the weapon shop hastened back, and he hurriedly said to Shen Yanxiao, "Dear customer, Grandmaster Lan Si said that he would meet you personally."


As soon as the words of the shop a.s.sistant elf came out, the surrounding customers uniformly dropped their jaws on the ground.

They looked at Shen Yanxiao with disbelief and couldn’t believe their ears.

Was a red rain going to fall today? Could it be possible that Grandmaster Lan Si was in a good mood today? Not only had he accepted the task of modifying the bow, but also...

He actually wanted to meet this elf in person!!!

All the elves were thrown into chaos by this news.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t know the current state of mind of the other elves. She had no idea how renowned Grandmaster Lan Si’s name was.

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