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Shen Yanxiao was taken to the meeting room of the advanced training camp and as soon as she entered the door, she saw a row of elves sitting before her.

Aside from Elder Yue, Mo Yu, Mo Feng, and the other three captains of Silvermoon Guards were present as well. In addition to these six old acquaintances, there were also three other elves in light armor wearing serious faces inside the room.

"I’ve brought Yan Xiao over." The elf guard brought Shen Yanxiao into the meeting room, then stood at the entrance and kept guard.

Shen Yanxiao looked around. Elder Yue’s face still held a gentle smile, but Mo Yu’s and the others’ appeared a little nervous. On the other hand, the three elves Shen Yanxiao had never seen before looked at her with a very penetrating gaze that seemed to see through her in general.

"You are Yan Xiao?" The elf sitting beside Elder Yue opened his mouth to ask.

"Yes." Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

"I’m General He Xu of the advanced training camp. In the past few days, have you ever had a conflict with Shui Ling of the new batch and injured him?" He Xu gave Shen Yanxiao a very serious gaze.

Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow as she answered, "Conflict? As I can remember, I asked Shui Ling to compare notes with me in the presence of many elves. I believe that the elves in our batch can testify for me."

He Xu let his gaze remain on Shen Yanxiao for a few seconds before he turned to look at the other two unfamiliar elves.

"Your instructor, Qie Er, reported that you injured Shui Ling after getting into a conflict with him, is this true?"

He Xu’s question directly ignored Shen Yanxiao’s explanation just now, as if ‘comparing notes’ and ‘getting into a conflict’ were just the same in his eyes.

"Yes." Shen Yanxiao did not explain anything more either. Looking at the situation before her, she knew that the event this time was absolutely serious. Otherwise, there was no need to dispatch three generals of the advanced training camp, as well as Elder Yue who had the highest authority. And even Mo Yu and others, the ones who had recommended her to the advanced training camp, were also summoned.

"General He Xu, I have something to say!" Mo Yu, not waiting for He Xu’s response, immediately said, "It is common to learn from each other in the training camp. Yan Xiao has already stated that she asked Shui Ling to compare notes with her in front of many elves, which is permitted in the training camp. Therefore, it cannot be cla.s.sified as a conflict!"

Before coming to the advanced training camp, the few of them had been aware of what had happened here. When they heard He Xu’s words that seemed to indicate that Shui Ling’s death had something to do with Shen Yanxiao getting into a conflict with him, they only felt it was outrageous.

The few of them were the clearest about Shen Yanxiao's rank. The elves in the advanced training camp were all black elves. Even if Shen Yanxiao’s advancement was extremely fast, it was still impossible for her to jump from the level of a yellow elf to the level of a black elf in the short period of half a month.

The level difference between the elves would lead to the difference in strength between the two sides. A yellow elf was absolutely incapable of killing a black elf in a frontal battle. Not to mention anything else, with just the disparity between their sources of life, it was already impossible for the former to kill the latter.

Not unless it was done using poison. However, after Mo Yu and the others arrived at the advanced training camp, they learned that Shen Yanxiao fought against Shui Ling in front of many elves, so there was no possibility of poisoning.

Seeing He Xu’s overbearingness while questioning Shen Yanxiao, Mo Yu and the others felt very displeased. This was the good seedling they had found with great difficulty. How could they just let others involve her in a murder case as they pleased?

He Xu looked at Mo Yu.

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