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This fellow was that aberrant?

They knew that Shen Yanxiao had great potential, but they had never expected her to be so aberrant to this point.

On the first day of entering the Pure Spirit Tower, she could actually already cultivate for ten continuous days...

Your mother! Who would give them a slap and tell them that this was just a dream?!

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and looked at He Xu, "Then let me tell the general. Just half a month ago, I was only a cyan elf. I don’t know how General He Xu sees me for you to actually think I can directly jump from a cyan elf to a black elf in just over twenty days,"

"What..." After hearing that, the serious expression on He Xu’s face could not help but show a sign of cracking.

He knew that due to Mo Yu’s and the others’ recommendation, Shen Yanxiao unconventionally got into the advanced training camp, but as to what rank of elf Shen Yanxiao was, apart from Mo Yu, the others, and Elder Yue, no other elves knew about it. Prior to this, he thought that since Elder Yue also nodded his head and agreed to Shen Yanxiao’s entry, then Shen Yanxiao’s rank should not be too low. At the least, she must be a white elf. Otherwise, she would not be allowed to enter the advanced training camp.

Moreover, she was still very young. Elder Yue must have fancied her talents to make an exception and admit her to the training camp, he had thought.

However, he did not expect that before Shen Yanxiao entered the advanced training camp, she was actually… just the lowest-level elf!

The cyan level and the black level, one was the lowest level while the other was the highest level. The disparity between the two was naturally self-evident.

Unless he was out of his mind, He Xu would not believe that from a cyan elf, Shen Yanxiao could break through to the level of a black elf in just over twenty days, even if he were to get killed.

Even with the Pure Spirit Tower, it was still absolutely impossible. Plus, the floor of the Pure Spirit Tower where Shen Yanxiao had cultivated before was not the seventh floor which had the most powerful life force.

In such a short period of time, relying on one’s talent to break through from the first floor was already the limit, but if one wanted to directly jump four or five more floors...

That was an utterly impossible occurrence!

The facts stated by Shen Yanxiao completely overturned He Xu’s inferences previously. The difference between the rank of the elves would cause the attack power of the low-level elves to be greatly reduced when faced against the higher-level elves. Not to mention cyan elves, even if Shen Yanxiao were a white elf, at most, she could only cause some non-fatal injuries to Shui Ling. As long as Shui Ling’s source of life was not worn out, then there was absolutely no possibility of death.

"Mo Yu, is this thing true?" He Xu looked at Mo Yu unsteadily. Beside Mo Yu and others, the other one who knew of the true rank of Shen Yanxiao was Elder Yue. However, although they were also responsible for some parts of the advanced training camp, they still had no right to question Elder Yue.

Mo Yu pressed down the shock in his heart and pretended to be calm as he nodded his head.

"It is true. If the general doesn't believe it, you can go to the cyan-level city called Fragrant Night City to investigate. The day I received Yan Xiao, I had let her undergo a test in the test area. There are hundreds of elves that can testify." When Shen Yanxiao underwent that test, it caused quite a commotion, and that happened not too long ago. Even if he were to just pull an elf who was present at that time, he would know that what Shen Yanxiao said was true.

He Xu naturally did not doubt Mo Yu’s words. But this way, none of his previous a.s.sumptions were valid.

However, how could a cyan elf cultivate for ten continuous days on the first day of entering the Pure Spirit Tower? How could she hurt the other party in a match against a black elf?

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