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11 8 / 2017

Warning: Do not expect too much from me. This is just a product of being idle for a while. Also I cant guarantee the accuracy of the translation for some parts. But if you really cant wait, just like me. Please feel free to read!

Chapter 126th Gang fights (4)

“Is it really okay for us to do this?” Some youths nervously inquired to their companions. They have persistently followed Shen Yanxiao’s group in the Dark Forest.

Four of the five men walking in front of them are from the five great clans in the Long Xuan Empire and three of them are the Holy Roland School’s branch top students. While because of the rules, the strength of these geniuses can’t be fully displayed, for them energetic ordinary people, this is a great chance.

“There should be no problem.. This test is arranged by Dean Ouyang Huanyu, even if.. Even if something unexpected happened, it cannot be counted as our fault.” Another teenager swallowed his saliva. To tell the truth, In Holy Roland School, Qi Xia, Yan Yu and Yang Xi are known to be so powerful. Now that they seems to have no ability to fight back, they are somewhat feeling guilty staring at their backs.

“What are you being afraid for! Since you are taking this test, you must be well prepared. You don’t have the guts to go out early as possible, then see if you can still laugh once the pharmacist on their group have made the antidote! Even if we a have few more teams, together we cannot still compare to Qi Xia alone!” Some of the youths are level-headed and know very well that this a golden opportunity.

If they miss this chance, it will be likely that their situation will be reversed.

“I doubt it. The two pharmacists in their team are just freshmen. Even one of them is the young master of Black Tortoise Clan, he spent two years to take the test to be admitted into the Pharmaceutical Branch. He’s strength might not be too strong. I have also seen the other one and there is nothing special about him at all. Furthermore, according to our team’s pharmacist, the formula is very complicated. Forget about these not yet formally enrolled freshmen, even the students in higher grades, it will be hard for them to make the antidote.”


Shen Yanxiao was listening to the mutterings of the group of youths behind them.

It is clear that some students are still afraid of Qi Xia, Yan Yu and Yang Xi because of their reputation and are not daring to act at all. But the others are clearly aware of how much of a golden chance is this. Once they started fighting, the strength right now of Qi Xia and the other two will be exposed, and those who are still hesitant will surely immediately join the battle.

According to the rules, if all the badges of the five members of a team are stolen, they will be taken out of the Dark Forest immediately and that’s the end for them.

A crowd of people gradually moved towards the deeper area of the Dark Forest. The groups of youths are still trailing closely behind them, Qi Xia, Yan Yu and Yang Xi’s faces are somewhat not looking good. It is obvious that the effect of the potion did not only affect their magic and dou qi but also their physical strength.

After seeing that these geniuses are sweating, the youths who are originally shedding a silk of sweat have finally identified that the three are really weak right now. Everyone has now finally let go of their fears.

As the time gradually, the one hour protection period has ended. Shen Yanxiao felt the group of people that had followed them are now getting excited.

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