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Aeternatrix: *cough* I swear that I didn't forget that it was supposed to be 5 chapters today, I swear... I just thought that today was yesterday

Once Shen Yanxiao’s voice landed, Qie Er’s body directly stiffened, and the fear in his eyes was replaced by a touch of numbness.

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Shen Yanxiao withdrew her hand and took a step back from Qie Er.

Qie Er's head slowly hung down, his body leaned against the chair as if he fell limp from exhaustion from head to toe.

In the next second, Qie Er impressively raised his head and his eyes fell directly on Shen Yanxiao.

Only this time, there was no longer disgust nor fear in his eyes, just some serenity.

"Qie Er." Shen Yanxiao called in a soft voice.

Qie Er rose from the chair immediately and stood upright in front of Shen Yanxiao.

"Qie Er is here!"

Shen Yanxiao looked at the effect of her curse technique with satisfaction.

Warlock was a profession that only humans could learn. Elves were very unfamiliar to curse techniques. Their resistance to curses was very low, so even though Qie Er were a black elf, Shen Yanxiao could still let him fall honestly into her hands.

Didn’t this fellow always see her unpleasing to the eye?

In that case, she would make him into a puppet who would be most willing to take orders from her.

Controlling Qie Er's mind, he naturally would not produce any negative emotions.

"I can also fulfill my promise with Elder Yue with this." Shen Yanxiao smiled nastily. She had promised Elder Yue that she would not get into conflict with other elves, but Elder Yue did not forbid her from controlling other elves with special means.

Shen Yanxiao was definitely not a good-natured person. Knowing that Qie Er was playing tricks behind her back and asking her to just swallow her anger, she could never do it.

"Qie Er, from today on, you will act as usual, just don’t care about my affairs. However, if there are other elves who want to bully An Ran, you must take up your responsibility as an instructor and stop them. Do you understand?” Shen Yanxiao issued her first order to Qie Er.

"Yes!" Qie Er nodded his head.

The curse technique that Shen Yanxiao used was a combination curse technique called “Control”. This combination curse technique was very powerful. Even if Shen Yanxiao were only at the level of the Advanced Warlock, she could still rely on this combination curse “Control” to disrupt a Second Stage Professional.

Not to mention a black elf.

This combination curse technique would not cause any damage to Qie Er's spirit and source of life, it would just let him unconditionally obey Shen Yanxiao’s orders for a period of time. Of course, during this time, Shen Yanxiao must constantly use magic to maintain the Control Technique. So long as Shen Yanxiao did not withdraw the curse by herself, and her magic did not dry up, Qie Er would become her most loyal follower during this time.

As to why Shen Yanxiao did this, first was to teach this narrow-minded instructor a lesson, and secondly, after hearing such nasty matters, Shen Yanxiao realized that she must improve her strength as soon as possible in order to unlock all the layers of her seal in the shortest time and return to the Radiance Continent.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao was not interested in wasting her time playing tricks with any elves in the next few days. She must fully devote her time to her cultivation in the Pure Spirit Tower.

During the period of her seclusion in the Pure Spirit Tower, she did not want An Ran to continue receiving the goading of other elves.

Controlling Qie Er was both a punishment and a guarantee.

It would allow her to cultivate her source of life in the Pure Spirit Tower with a peace of mind, to unlock all the layers of her seal!

Moreover, making a proud elf, who had an extreme dislike towards her, listen to her... she believed that for such a proud elf like Qie Er, this punishment was the most unbearable.

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