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Xiu maintained the enchantment. Shen Yanxiao could not step out of the enchantment, lest she immediately feel the intense pain again.

Just as she was ready to walk toward the center with Xiu to check things out, Xiu impressively carried her up.

Shen Yanxiao let out a low cry and astonishedly looked at the very attractive chin of Xiu.

"I can't maintain too large of an enchantment right now, this is safer to prevent you from accidentally going out." There was not the slightest expression on Xiu’s face. Everything was done in order to ensure her safety.

Shen Yanxiao’s small mouth moved, but did not say anything in the end as she just nodded her head silently.

Xiu’s ice-cold arms wrapped tightly around her; her whole person was attached to his chest that was without the slightest temperature, and yet, her face began to heat up involuntarily.

Xiu’s footsteps were quick; through the mist, they swiftly arrived at the center of the room.

It was like a ma.s.sive tree before their eyes. Most parts of the floor and the ceiling had been covered, leaving only this section of tree.

The verdant leaves that adorned the branches were very nice to look at.

Xiu’s gaze rested on these leaves.

Shen Yanxiao asked, "Is there any problem with these leaves?" The gaze of his eyes made her have this kind of conjecture.

"When you look at these leaves carefully, do you see anything wrong with their stalks?" Xiu carried Shen Yanxiao with one hand while he reached out the other to pull out a leaf, revealing a thin leaf stalk.

Shen Yanxiao looked closely; the color of the stalk and the color of the leaf itself were very similar.


"The color of the stalk is much deeper than the color of the leaf."

Xiu nodded his head.

"No matter how powerful the life force is, it will not make the elves feel unbearable pain. At the beginning, in the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, those elves could not absorb a lot of life force in a short time, but they did not feel any pain straight away. At first, even though they felt pain, their lack of adaptation came from the oppression of the source of life. It was not pain in the nerves, which is totally different from your situation." Xiu a.n.a.lyzed the strange point here. No matter what the situation, in terms of her life force, Shen Yanxiao’s reaction was very strange.

"Do you still remember what Elder Yue told you about the pollution of the elves?" Xiu looked down at Shen Yanxiao, and his golden eyes reflected her delicate and pretty face.

"Do you mean that the strange situation here is because... of pollution?" Shen Yanxiao's voice was full of shock.

"It’s uncertain, but there is such a possibility." Xiu squinted his eyes and said, "Your situation is different from other elves, because you can absorb the life force in large amount. If pollution is mixed in with the life force, then, with the absorption speed of ordinary elves, it would probably be difficult to have the same reaction as yours. Only absorbing a large amount at once will cause such an intense pain."

It was like a slow poison. Consuming a little every day didn’t make people feel anything unusual, but if you suddenly consumed a full gla.s.s of it one day, the discomfort would appear immediately.

The difference between Shen Yanxiao and the other elves’ absorption was generally the same as this.

"How could this be..." Shen Yanxiao’s eyes were full of disbelief.

This pollution that was about to bring about the destruction of the elves... was actually mixed in with the life force?

It must be known that the one thing that elves could never leave from birth to death was the life force, which they absorbed from the Tree of Life almost every moment!

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