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11 8 / 2017

Warning: Do not expect too much from me. This is just a product of being idle for a while. Also I cant guarantee the accuracy of the translation for some parts. But if you really cant wait, just like me. Please feel free to read!

Chapter 128th Pig-like Teammates (2)

They don’t know why but they are clearly the victors. But at this moment, the heart of these students doesn’t have any shred of joy and excitement.

Instead, they felt deeply that they are being taken like a fool by these three top students!

Tang Nazhi watched as the large group pick up their four badges. They look gloomy that he began to wonder if these students were the ones who were robbed off, not them!

It is clear that the victims here are them. Seeing the timid and wronged expressions of the other party, Tang Nazhi was speechless ah!

After the group of students left with a strange mood, Tang Nazhi began to put these pig-like teammates of his into their proper minds.

“Qi Xia! What the h.e.l.l are you thinking? You gave the badges away just to avoid the fight. It’s not like you’re a n.o.body! You are the top in the Magician’s Branch, you just did not release any magic but also surrender? Are you still worthy of your dignity as a magician?” Tang Nazhi was growling. He just couldn’t understand what’s going on in Qi Xia’s mind.

Qi Xia looked at Tang Nazhi with a slightly dignified expression. He bowed his head thinking of something. In Tang Nazhi’s point of view, he is reflecting his actions. He raised his head again and said in a firm tone: “I am sure, I have just released two Fire Bombs!”

“…” Tang Nazhi felt something surge within his chest and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

This guy really sent an attack to play him!!

“Well, little Tang. You don’t have to be so tense.” Qi Xia look at Tang Nazhi with a white face for a little while, and patted him on the shoulder. He said with a benevolent heart: “Do you think if we resisted, we have the chance to win?”

Tang Nazhi frowned. The opponents have only 65 people. Excluding the priests and pharmacist of the other teams, they have 10 magicians, 10 swordsman, 8 archers and 11 knights. With the current condition of his three teammates, it is already difficult to fight a one-on-one battle, not to mention a number of ten opponents.

There is basically no possibility of a comeback unless they can regain their strength.

Although Tang Nazhi now understands that they have a little chance of winning, being defeated without a fight makes him feel not good.

“Well.. You can let Yang lend me his sword..” Tang Nazhi muttered softly.

“Even if we lend it to you, our winning percentage can only be less than 50%. And instead of taking a risk just based on that 50% chance, we might as well find another way to save ourselves.” Qi Xia parted his legs lazily.

“What other way? Except for Shen Jue’s, you have already handed off all of our badges. Shen Jue is just a defenseless kid. You cannot expect him… Wait a minute!” Tang Nazhi just thought of a crazy idea. He vaguely remembers that after Shen Jue disappeared, Qi Xia then did that odd move. Combined with what this fox just said, did he wanted to..

“Are you kidding?” Tang Nazhi thought this might be too crazy!

“What do you think? Little Jue’s talent in some aspect is incomparable. It’s my first time seeing such a gifted person. Believe me, he will not let us down.” Qi Xia is exceptionally wise. In fact, as long as Shen Jue’s badge is not taken, their team will still be able to stay in the Dark Forest.

“But before that, I have a question.” Yan Yu suddenly speak.


“Tell me..” Yan Yu looked at his three companions and uncertainly asked, ”Did you guys know when did he disappeared?”

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